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English and Reading

Hello Badgers, 


Here you can find our English and Guided Reading learning for this week. These two subjects are interlinked this week as they are both focussing on the same text! We are looking at a Christmas Kenning. By the end of the week, we will write our own Christmas Kenning to be placed inside our Christmas cards.



Please read the Kenning. It is meant to be read out loud! If you are unsure of any vocabulary, you can use the dictionary or safely use a search engine to find out the meanings. Use the stems to respond to the Kenning with your ideas.


Look at the information below that explains what a Kenning is and where they came from. You will notice this links with our learning in History this half term! Kennings are designed to be riddles, you can use the clues in the poems to find out what is being described. What do you think is being described in this Kenning?




Read the poem out loud again. You should feel more confident in your performance today!

Have a look at how I have begun to identify the word classes in the Kenning. Do you notice any patterns? Use the sentence stems to help you.





Read the Kenning out loud again today. You should become more fluent each day in your performance. 


Today we will begin to apply what we know about Kennings to a shared Kenning of our own. For this Kenning, I want to describe my cat! Brainstorm all your ideas about cats. Think about what they like, what they dislike, what they eat, what they do. I will start the Kenning, see if you can finish it off.


Ball chaser,

Milk drinker,

Snuggle lover, 

Dog hater,


I can't wait to see your ideas! 



Today we will draft a Kenning that will be used for our Christmas cards.

I want you to think of a snowflake. Use the same technique as yesterday to brainstorm your ideas.  What does a snowflake look like? What does it do? How does it make people feel? You can look at some pictures of snowflakes online, using a search engine safely. 



Today we will be editing and publishing our Kennings.

Read back the Kenning you wrote yesterday. What are you proud of? What would you like to improve? Do you need to check any spellings? Does it follow the Kenning structure? 

When you have made your edits, read your Kenning aloud to someone at home. What do they like? What suggestions do they have to help you improve?


When you have made your edits, publish your Kenning on paper using your best handwriting!