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This week in English, we would have been publishing our Greek Myths. We will save this for our last 3 days together!


One of the genres we haven't covered this year yet is biographies. I thought this would be a great writing genre as it allows you to choose who you would like a to write about!


I have recorded a video to help you with your lessons this week which can be found here.  


Any resources you need this week are labelled below. I have included the Powerpoint I use in the video in case you wish to type directly on to it. If not, do not worry about printing anything, you can write down your work on a piece of paper.


The powerpoint Miss Lineker uses in her video:

Monday 12th July

LO: To identify the features of a biography

Tuesday 13th July

LO: To gather research to plan my biography

Wednesday 14th July

LO: To write the introduction to my biography


Thursday 15th July

LO: To write the main paragraphs of my biography

Friday 16th July

LO: To compose an effective conclusion and publish my writing