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Does a raindrop last forever?

This term we will be completing investigations and learning about the features of the water cycle and rivers in order to answer the question: does a raindrop last forever? 
Before the end of last term, the children shared their current knowledge linked to this questions and asked some questions regarding what they would like to find out. Please keep checking this sub-page for our progress!
Today was our first step in beginning to answer our question. After reading ‘Once Upon a Raindrop’, we set up some observations to see evaporation, condensation and precipitation in action. Mrs Hodgson’s favourite quote of the day was “Wow! We’ve made rain in the classroom!”
Within our English lessons, we have started to explore monologue poetry developing our understanding of its purpose and features. We will be linking our theme of water to write our own monologue poems.
This term in Maths, we are deepening our knowledge and understanding of fractions. We have started by exploring what tenths are how they can be represented. 
Today during our PSHE lesson, we had lots of interesting discussions. At the start of the lesson the children drew how they visualised four professionals from different professions. We then discussed what they children had drawn and challenged the stereotypes – we explored how there are no jobs for ‘just men’ and no jobs for ‘just women’ and thinking like this is called stereotyping. On the right of our page, we drew the pictures again after the lessondemonstrating pleasing progress!

Geog: Explain the features of a water cycle


After using ‘Once Upon a Raindrop’ we explored the features of the water cycle and have explained the features we understand by making our own water cycle plates. The illustration demonstrated and names the key features and if you lift the flap you will see an explanation of this feature.

Science: Examine hothe rate of evaporation links with temperature


The Honey Bee class have decided hothey will examine the links between the rate of evaporationand temperature and today have set up their investigation in order to observe over the week and examine and conclude the evidence.

The children decided to put 10ml of water and orange juice in closed petri-dishes and open containersand to place them inside and outside. We were initially going to use just water, however one pupil wanted to knoif all liquids evaporated. Each container was set-up at the same time and with the same amount of liquid to ensure this will be a fair test. 

This year, for World Book Day, we turned up in our pyjamas to celebrate bedtime stories. We had a lovely day starting with a visit from Fiona Baker (a published author) who taught us about the journey of publishing a book. Since this visit, children in the Honey Bee class have been inspired to write their own stories at home which is amazing! We also created some new characters for our reading for pleasure book ‘The Midnight Gang’ and had a shared story time with the Owl class.