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Little Oaks Nursery

Welcome to Little Oaks Nursery


The Little Oaks Nursery team consists of Chelsea, Lucy, Beth and Fiona, with Mrs Taylor as the Foundation Stage Leader. 

Term 5 - Pets

We have met some amazing pets and animals this term! We had a special visit from Animals UK and we was so brave holding spiders, meerkats, skunks, beetles, snakes etc.

We also met Chelsea's pet dog and Lucy's pet rabbit! Not forgetting Arthur's cat and Oliver's dog too. We had such an exciting term learning how we care for different pets and what they need to be looked after. 


We have been busy learning all about different methods of transport. We learnt about trains, cars, boats, helicopters, lorry's, bikes etc. We did some painting, playdough, car colour survey, we made a collage, we drew pictures, and many more exciting activities. 

Our Caterpillars

Nursery had a special delivery...our own Caterpillars! We are so excited to watch them grow and turn into beautiful butterflies. We also learnt about the life cycle of a caterpillar, this will help us to know what changes to look out for when we check on them daily. 

Term 4

This term our topic is Transport! We have so far learnt lots of exciting facts and information about different methods of transport. We have enjoyed role-play, pretending to be passengers on a bus, train and airplane. We have used our fine motor skills to make marks in paint, using different size cars. We went outside to observe how many coloured cars we can see and came back inside to make a tally chart altogether. The nursery children also created paper plate boats when we learnt all about boats and what they are used for. 

Term 3

This term our topic is 'Fairytales' we have been learning about the stories 'Red Riding Hood' and 'Goldilocks and The Three Bears'. We have enjoyed size ordering the three bears porridge bowls and exploring the texture and taste of some yummy porridge! 


We have also introduced 'Letterland' phonics starting with Annie Apple and Bouncy Ben! The children are really enjoying this so far and are learning the songs and rhymes beautifully!

This term has been super busy and very exciting! We have learnt all about jungle animals and the important job of a fire fighter as well as celebrating bonfire night and Christmas. We have learnt the names of lots of jungle animals and explored what they like to eat and where they live. We created some edible sparkles and some colourful firework pictures too! 

We have enjoyed getting to know the new children and building relationships within our nursery team. We have leant lots about one and other and engaged in some brilliant activities. We have created portraits, talked about our favourite things, drawn around each other, looked at our eye colours and what makes us different. 

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