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Week 1

What Makes A Bird A Bird?

This week we launched our new topic that will hopefully build into us taking part in the RSPB's bird watch! There is a video on the video resource section that launches our topic with me and my pet chickens sharing a few things that help us to know what makes a bird a bird.


Understanding the World

Please take some time to explore the RSPB's website this week to learn about blackbirds and house sparrows.



Once you have become familiar with what they look like go out into your garden or look out of your windows and try to spot these birds.



There has been some great bird spotting happening!

Magic Maths

In magic Maths we are learning how to compare weights and lengths. Use the weights of blackbirds and sparrows, found on the RSPB's website, to try to decide which bird is the heaviest and lightest. Use your kitchen scales to weigh out the same weights in pasta and put the amounts of pasta into bowls or bags so that you can feel the difference in these weights.


Measure out lengths of wool, paper or ribbon that are the same as the lengths of these birds - which one is the longest and the shortest. You could start a display of these pieces of wool, labelling the name of the bird on each so that you can build up a collection over the coming weeks.


Also in magic Maths we are learning to combine small groups. Take some time to count the blackbirds and sparrows that you see outside. How many birds is this altogether? You could draw pictures or symbols to show how many of each bird you see to help you with your adding. This made need you to start developing your estimating skills - as the birds probably won't sit still for very long. Estimating means taking a good guess.

Super Maths at home and at school


In phonics some of us are learning the variations of the sound 'oa' - these are oa (like in goat), oe (like in toe), ow (like in snow) and o-e (like in bone). In your resource packs you have some 'roll and read' mats to help you to start to recognise this sound. Using a dice, roll it, find the picture of that number and read a word along that row. If you read it correctly you can put something onto the word (like a piece of pasta or a button) - can you read the whole sheet?


Some of us are working on trying to hear the first sounds in words and to write these down. You have some sheets to complete where you are asked to do this. Try to challenge yourselves to read the 3 letter word that you have created.


Your daily writing challenges are included in your packs - I have also included a prompt sheet for your mums and dads. Ask them to read the caption to you (e.g. pat a dog) and then use your sound mats to help you to write these captions on the lines.

You also have the challenge of writing the labels to show the parts of a bird.

I have included your blackbird information sheets that we started on Monday. The sentence we have been practicing for this is 'Blackbirds like to eat insects and fruit'.

Brilliant Literacy at home and at school


On the RSPB's website you can listen to the song of the blackbird and the sparrow. After listening to both try to talk about how they are the same or different. Are they fast or slow? What instrument do they sound like? Are the noises high or low pitched? Can you make the noises yourself?


If you haven't already had a try at drawing a blackbird and a sparrow then complete this task on your blackbird and sparrow information sheets. Try to focus on using the correct colours.

If you having any crafting materials at home maybe you could try creating a model of a bird. We used a screwed up piece of A4 paper as our starting point on Monday, onto which we then added wings etc.

Some great at home artwork from the Hedgehogs


We are focusing this week on ball skills - passing a ball to a friend using our feet. Ask your mums and dads or brothers and sisters to help you with this skill. If you don't have a ball maybe try using a balled up pair of socks.

Super ball skills being developed at home


We are focussing on feeling proud of our choices this term so at the end of the day try to answer the question: what have I done today to make me feel proud?


Child F replied to this question: writing nicely and playing nicely.