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Term 6 What evidence can we discover from the past which shows the legacies left by the Ancient Greeks?

This term's enquiry mat

Magical myths are being read and drafted in Badger Class!


The Badgers have been really enjoying reading so many different Greek Myths. We have learnt about the structure of a Greek myth and used this to plan our own Greek heroes. From there, we have drafted the opening of our Greek myth. Following this lesson, we edited and improved our openings using ARMS. What do you think of the progress we have made so far? 

Exploring Ancient Greek pottery


In Art over the past two weeks, we have analysed a range of Ancient Greek pottery. We shared what we liked and disliked about these pieces. This linked well to our History enquiry as we began to ask what stories can be told on a pot and what can we learn about Ancient Greece from what has been left behind? Here are some of our sketchbook pages from these lessons.


In our second lesson, we began to plan our sculpture using our ideas and we were so proud of these that we presented them beautifully on our display: