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WC 25.1.21

Well done, we have made it to week 4 Kingfishers and I looking forward to seeing how you work this week. Again I am so impressed with your work last week as well as your interactions, your effort and your photos and videos of your hard work. Keep sending me your work this week and I will be regularly updating our class page so you can see what everyone is getting up to. 

The time table below is the live lessons I will be doing with the key worker children throughout the week. It is suggested you follow this as well and if you need any help with a particular task, get in touch and I can help you live in the lesson. If you are a part time key worker child, following this timetable at home will make sure you are prepared for when you are in class with me. 


Don't forget to join me for story time live online on Wednesday at 11:30am and make a booking to update me with your progress with your work. I will also be offering bookings to give children the chance to read to me. Choose your school book or a book from home to share with me. The link for this is below.

I am looking forward to seeing you all again.

  Morning lessons         Afternoon lessons
Monday Maths 1 SPAG 1 English 1 Phonics 1   Humanities
Tuesday Maths 2 Reading 1 English 2 Phonics 2   Art
Wednesday Maths 3 SPAG 2 English 3

Live story time

with Miss Anstey

Thursday Maths 4 Reading 2 English 4 Phonics 3   Science
Friday Maths 5 Spelling test Big Write





Don't forget I will be replying to emails and meeting on Bookings at 11:30- 12 and 2-3pm each day, so please send me messages and pictures/ videos of your work.


Don't forget the same rewards are still up for grabs. Team points can be given via email when you send me pictures of your work and these all add up to our Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. Which one are you working towards?

Speller of the week and mathematician of the week will be awarded in Celebration Assembly so get busy on Edshed- spelling and maths.

A reading champion will also be picked so keep me updated with when you are reading for pleasure or completing a reading or phonics task and if you win, you can select a book from the Reading Treasure Chest on your return. Have a look at my video giving you a sneak peak into the treasure chest at what books are there for you to win!

We are also picking a star of the week from our key worker group and our remote learners group- last week William C was our star shining bright at home. Could it be you this week? Watch the video of the assembly on Friday to see who is chosen.

Stars of the Week

Bookings fun!


This week we are going to be learning all about subtraction. This is an area of Maths we have looked at before and it is the inverse (opposite) of our addition work from last week. We are going to recap on the strategies we already know and then develop some new methods as well.

Maths 1

Today we are going to focus on subtracting 2-digit numbers together using drawings of tens and ones to help us. You might be able to do these mentally in your head but then I would like you to be able to draw the tens and ones to check your answers. Watch the Maths 1 video in the video resource centre (see link below) to show you how to use the drawings to subtract 2-digit numbers. Then complete the questions on Maths 1 sheet in your exercise book, drawing tens and ones to help you.

Maths 2

This lesson builds on from yesterdays as we are still subtracting numbers. Today we are going to be subtracting ones and tens separately using a number line. Watch the Maths 2 video in the video resource centre (see link below) to show you how to use a number line for subtracting numbers. Then complete the questions on Maths 2 sheet in your exercise book, drawing number lines to help you.

Maths 3

We are continuing with subtraction but today we are going to be subtracting 2-digit numbers. However, the digits total more than 10 so we are going to use a number line to help us work them out. Watch the Maths 3 video in the video resource centre (see link below) to show you how to use a number line for subtracting 2-digit numbers. Then complete the questions on Maths 3 sheet in your exercise book, drawing number lines to help you.


******There is now a video from me going through all of the Maths 3 answers. Please watch this to mark yours and if you found it tricky look closely at the step by step method I follow when using the number line to help you. *******


Maths 4

Watch the Maths videos from this week to recap on the two different strategies we have looked at this week. Then using your ‘Targeted Study Maths CGP Book’ please read page 24 all about subtracting and complete page 25.

Maths 5

Please complete arithmetic test 4, which is in paper form in your packs. On Friday, I will go through the strategies and answers with the key worker children in class and record it. Once you have finished, watch the video, check your working out and mark your answers. Let me know your scores.

Maths challenges

This week I have included some extra challenges for you to do if you would like. There is no expectations to do these at all but if you do please share with me. 


This week we are continuing with our diary entries but we are going to focus on the winter base Shackleton and his crew created.

English 1

Diaries are all about reflection and recording our thoughts and feelings. Today I would like you to read the Reading comprehension text from this week called ‘Pressure’. Then have a look at the English 1 sheet. We will use this to plan our diary entry. It is from Shackleton’s perspective and will include his thoughts and feelings about the Endurance being stuck in the pack ice. Watch English video 1 from in the video resource centre (see link below) to see how I use this sheet to help me with my planning. Record your planning in your exercise book.

English 2

In this lesson we are going to write our diary entry from Shackleton’s perspective based on the Endurance getting stuck in the ice. Hopefully you have lots of notes in your planning from yesterdays lesson that will help you. Read this week’s reading comprehension text ‘Pressure’ to remind you what happened to the ship. Now watch English 2 video in the video resource centre (see link below) to see me model how to start your diary and to remind you of some of the features we should be including.

English 3

We are going to plan our final diary entry today based on the sinking endurance from Shackleton’s point of view. Read the reading comprehension text from this week titled ‘Endurance Lost’. Using the planning guide in English sheet 3, think about the thoughts and feelings that Shackleton may have felt in the situation and record them in your exercise book.

English 4

Today we will write our final diary entry as if we were Shackleton. Read the text ‘Endurance Lost’ which we have been looking at in our reading lessons and recap on your notes from yesterday. How do you think Shackleton felt and thought about as he watched the Endurance sink. Watch the English 4 video from the video resource centre (see link below) to see how I start my writing. Then write your diary entry in your exercise book.

Big Write

This is where you show me all the amazing things you can put into your own creative piece of writing. We are going to continuing with the picture book 'Journey' because reading what you have written has been amazing!

I have included the next set of pictures from the story that follow on from last weeks and I would like you to write the next part of the story in your own words. This is where you can be creative with your vocabulary and include expanded noun phrases and verb phrases. You could include different sentences e.g. simple or complex with conjunctions, questions or exclamations. I have included a word mat of conjunctions that might help you when developing your sentences. See link below.

As discussed with writing before, it can be quite tricky to think of the whole thing. Make it easier by breaking it down into one sentence at a time and say it out loud. It will be easier to write if you have heard it first. It might also make it easier if you just spend 5-10 minutes talking to some about the pictures- what do you see? Who is the main character? What is happening? Why do you think that is happening? Maybe even making some notes using key words or phrases based on each picture.

I love reading Big Write pieces of writing so please make sure you send me a photo of your work



This week we are going to develop our understanding of conjunctions. We have started this is in SPAG a few weeks ago but I am not seeing the children use them in their independent writing as much as I would like. 

Please complete the tasks below, which both involve conjunctions. These are joining words that join sentences or phrases to develop our sentences.


This week we are focusing on another part of 'Shackleton's Journey' called 'Pressure and Endurance Lost'. There is a paper copy of this text in your packs and I have added the text below in case you can't find it. Like last week I would like you to read it daily. This will help to build up fluency and deepen your understanding. It would be good if this could be read with an adult and discuss some of the vocabulary in it. 

Reading 1 and reading 2 both link to this text. You can find them both below.

Phonics and Spellings

Phonics this week has 3 tasks for you to do. They are all on the same sheet below but clearly labelled- task 1, task 2 and task 3. They focus on the 'or' sound and in particularly spelling the 'or' sound using alternative spellings. 

The spelling sheet is also below so you can practise throughout the week- this can be done in your exercise book. The spelling test will be on Friday.

Reading for Pleasure

We are still having a reading champion each week and if you would like to be in with a chance to choose a book to take home to keep, then you can still let me know each day what you have been reading. You can still take part at home by updating me with any reading task- this might be reading your school book, reading a book of your own at home, completing a reading comprehension task or a phonics task or doing something else reading related.


Please keep me updated with what books your enjoying, what your favourite parts are and don't forget to join me for story time at 11:30am on Wednesday where I will be reading to all my Kingfishers in school and at home via live video link. The link from last week will work but I will send out a reminder link to you all. Please reply to my email about meeting permissions if you haven't already.


It was fantastic listening to some children read last week but I would love to listen to a lot more this week  so if you would like to join me for our own story time, book an appointment online choosing the Kingfisher reading with Miss Anstey service available between 11-11:30am every day! See the link below. Feel free to book more than one slot if you would like.

Brilliant reading one to one with me!

Story time with all my Kingfishers!

Sharing a love of reading with me

What a love of reading!

Still image for this video

Reading for the fun of it!

Still image for this video


This week I would like us to look a little closer at the wildlife and their habitats in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Task: Find and research 3 different animals that live in the arctic or Antarctic. They could be in the seas surrounding the land or live on the land. Write 3-5 facts about each animal and don't forget to tell me where they live. This should be done in your exercise book.

You could base your research on the table below:

  Animal 1 Animal 2 Animal 3
What does it look like?                                                                                                              
What does it eat?      
Where does it live?      

How does it survive in the cold conditions?

How do they hunt/special characteristics?      


When you have completed your research about your animals, watch the video clip below.

How do you think the ice melting in the Arctic and Antarctica will affect the animals you looked at? Is climate change effecting their habitats? Share your thoughts with me either by writing them down in your exercise book or recording them in a video to send to me.

The length of a killer whales tooth!

What is going wrong in the world?

Still image for this video

Our thoughts on climate change

Still image for this video


Todays task will continuing to look at Casper David Friedrich’s winter landscapes. Remind yourself of them by looking at his pieces of work I have added to our class page.

Task: Look at your 4 possible designs from last week of your own winter landscapes. Today you are going to choose to develop as a full landscape. I don’t want you to start from the start, I want you to choose one to base todays work on.

Then sketch your landscape on a full A4 page of paper if you have one. If not in your exercise book. Sketching should include soft, short strokes where you can easily change direction. This way it shouldn’t matter if you make a mistake, you shouldn’t need to use a rubber in Art. Think carefully about the details you are putting in to your landscape. (I just want you to sketch the landscape today- we will add colour next week).

Watch the Art video in the video resource centre to see me develop my landscape before you have a go at your own. (See link below.)


This weeks PE is based on developing our gymnastics that we have been looking at the past few weeks. Todays lesson is all about how we can create a new sequence and make it look great as we perform it.


If your are struggling to do the gymnastics in your house or don't have a garden, there are lots of other PE lessons you could do. The BBC have one on the TV daily or you could follow a you tube video like Joe Wicks or Cosmic Kids. I have included some of the links below. Let me know still if you choose something different.

A brilliant sequence!

Still image for this video

A creative way of doing PE at the park

Still image for this video

A brilliant evaluation of a sequence!

Still image for this video

All forms of exercise!


This week we are going to have a look at Charles Macintosh and his invention of waterproof materials.

Look at the 3 objects in the picture below. Send me a message or a video telling me which one you think is the odd one out and explain why you think that.

Then read through the power point all about Charles Macintosh. Read the questions on the Science sheet below and answer them in your exercise book.

Odd one out!

Still image for this video

Why do you think that one is odd?

Still image for this video

Odd one out!

Still image for this video


I would like you to continue practising the mindfulness activities you tried last week. Remember these are things you can do when you feel happy and ok, not just when you are sad or angry. Send me photos and videos of what you get up to.

Here is a list of things you could do:

  • read a book
  • complete a jigsaw
  • listen to music
  • draw or colour in a picture
  • complete a dot to dot or a word search
  • go for a walk or another form of exercise like a bike ride
  • enjoy some yoga and focus on your breathing
  • do something arty and creative like junk modelling or creating a piece of art work


These weeks task is to practise grounding. This is where you focus on the things around you to calm your mind and stop over thinking about negative thoughts. This week I would like you to go for a walk and tell me about:

  • 5 things you can see
  • 4 things you can hear
  • 3 things you can touch
  • 2 things you can smell
  • 1 thing you can taste


***** If you have twitter, there is a video I posted Thursday night of me doing the task I have set for you this week. Have a look at mine @miss_anstey_wyb *******


Doing what we enjoy!

Still image for this video

Taking notice of what is around us

Still image for this video

Spending time outside is fun!

Still image for this video


Homework this week will be using our CGP books.

Please complete the following pages alongside the home learning by Friday 29th January.

Maths mental work out- page 15

Handwriting- page 23

Other activities

It is also so lovely to hear and see the other wonderful things you are doing to keep yourself busy while being Stay at Home Superheroes! I know at times the school work might seem too much and you choose to do something else- maybe spend time together as a family or play with your siblings. Remember that it is ok to take some time away from it all.

Creative fun

Still image for this video