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Week beginning 14th December


In English this week, are we are writing our balanced argument: Should animals, such as horses, have been used in the war? We have planned our ideas, including arguments for and against, and we will now use these to help our writing. Remember, your opinion should only go in the last paragraph. 


In Maths we are continuing to learn about prime numbers, multiples and factors. Have a look at the activities below, or you can complete page 15 in your CGP Maths Targeted Question Book. There are also some long division calculations to practise in your Maths book - the answers are included. 


This week we are answering our enquiry question for the term - World War One: how can peace be achieved on Earth? We will be planning our ideas first on the planning sheet, then presenting our answer verbally. It would be great to see your recordings!


In Science this week, we will be learning about changes to the body (puberty). Please go through the PowerPoint below with an adult at home, so you can ask questions. 


This week's spellings are focusing on the Year 5/6 words - have a look at the resources below, as well as the assignment on Spelling Shed.