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Term 1- How have survival skills changed through time? (Stone Age)

This term we are learning about the Stone Age and the survival skills that were used in this time period. Please look at the enquiry mat for the key vocabulary we will be using and the key information that you could discuss with your child.

Our term 1 newsletter is also here to give you more detail about what we are learning this term but also key information about parent events, PE days and what the children need through out the term.


We started our enquiry this term learning about the term 'prehistoric' and understanding what The Stone Age was. The children had fun making a human time line and exploring the three different parts to the Stone Age.


This week we started reading our class text 'The Wild Way Home' and the children loved our new class sets. The children have echo read the text brilliantly as a class and we have loved getting to know Charlie the main character.


This term the Foxes are learning about Rocks, soils and the processes of how they are formed. The children began their studies by exploring different rocks and describing them based on their properties. The children discovered some rocks were softer than others and some had clear lines separating layers within them.

Physical Education

The children have been learning how to play basketball. The children have been developing their passing and dribbling whilst keeping control and possession. They have also been learning about attacking and defending and how this affects their play.


This term we have had a specialist music teacher. The children have been learning about pitch and beat. They have explored this through the use of instruments, body percussion and singing.


The children have been learning how to add tone to their sketching. The children have created cave paintings based on animals and hand prints. They used a variety of pencil types to create outlines and add tone using hatching, cross hatching and stippling. The children used post it notes to add reflections on each others pieces of work.