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Term 5 - What are our favourite animals and where do they live?

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely Easter break. 


Our new enquiry question this term is 'What are our favourite animals and where do they live?'. Our drivers for this enquiry are Geography and Science. In Geography we will be locating the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world. We will be learning about the different types of animals that live in these continents including: the emperor penguin, red pandas, sharks, elephants, as well as lesser- known birds, such as the swallow. We will start with these animals’ homes and move on to specific landscapes and issues related to these places. 

In Science we will be developing our understanding of the different categories of animals, comparing the similarities and differences of their appearance, learning what they eat and why they are unique.

Our authentic outcomes for this term will be our class assembly, showcasing what we have learnt over the term and our collective patchwork blanket we will be making in our DT lessons that we will be donating to a dogs trust. 



Instruction Writing

Inspired by the book 'The tiger who came to tea' Year 1 have began to explore instruction texts. This week we have looked at lots of examples of instructions and began to identify the features that an instruction text includes and then followed an example of an instruction text to see how important clear steps in order are. 

In our second week of exploring instructions, Year 1 have planned to write the tiger from the story 'The tiger who came to tea" his own set of instructions on how to make a jam sandwich. We hope this helps the tiger when he is hungry and means he doesn't go exploring another people's houses. We started the week by making our own jam sandwich to see what equipment and ingredients we needed and the steps we took to make the sandwich. 


Now we have learnt the steps we need to make a jam sandwich and the equipment and ingredients we will need Year 1 learnt all about imperative verbs. We have learnt what imperative verbs are and why they are important in a set of instructions. We had lots of fun giving our friends instructions that included imperative verbs. 

Multiplication and division

This term in our Maths learning, we are learning the concrete foundations for multiplication and division.  

So far we have learnt that equal groups mean groups that are the same. We have explored making and identifying equal groups using our hands, dice, counters etc. We have learnt how to add equal groups by counting in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s and we have now started showing our equal groups using arrays. 


We are rhythmic 

Our computing lessons this term are focusing on recording and making audio on apps such as ScratchJR and Garage band. 

Today Year 1 have been learning how program the app ScratchJr to play audio that we have recorded.