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T1 - Was it right for the Anglo-Saxons to invade Britain?

We have had a fantastic start to the year in Badger class. Unbelievably, we went out to the story garden and we discovered a mysterious object! We took it back into our classroom to investigate.

We thought the egg might belong to a creature, so we did some investigation. We decided that it was a dragon egg! We used our inference skills to work out which dragon we thought was growing inside. We thought it might be an Anglo-Saxon dragon egg!


In maths this half term we have been focusing on place value. We have been consolidating our understanding of 3 and 4 digit numbers by placing them on number lines with different intervals. We have begun to learn to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000. I have been hugely impressed by their determination and resilience!


In Science this half term we are learning all about sound. We started by learning that sound is created by vibrations. We tested this out by seeing how paper clips jumped when banging on a drum. This week, we created our own string telephones and tested them out. We were so pleased that all of us could hear our partners through them! Afterwards, we explained how vibrations travelled more easily through a solid than a gas. 

Religious Education

This half term we have been focusing on celebrations in RE. We started by learning all about carnivals in Brazil. This week, we used iPads to investigate different celebrations and find out why light is so important to celebrations. 




In PE this half term we are lucky enough to be having our Tag Rugby sessions with Elite coaches. In our lessons with Miss Wilson, we are learning how to play Basketball. We have been practising our basic skills like dribbling and passing to a team mate.



This term, we have been using our own mouths to create sound! We have been learning to beatbox, using closed hat, open hat and rim shot sounds. We have learned to sing ‘Mix it up’ using our beatbox sounds. We have also been lucky enough to use the Taiko drums! 



This half term, we have been focusing on our sentence structure. We have applied this to our non-chronological reports all about our own dragons. Check out our published pieces!


This term, we are focusing on our conversational skills in French. We have loved practising our French conversations with other children in the class. We have been answering the register each day with ‘Bonjour Mademoiselle Wilson’ or ‘Bonne apres-midi Mademoiselle Wilson’!