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Term 3 - How would you change where you live?

There world is split into continents, there are 7 in all...
We started our new topic off by learning the names of the 7 continents. We used atlas' to locate the continents and a song to help us remember the 7 names. 



We spoke about how you can use a compass to direct you and that a compass has 4 main points which we added to our map. 


Do you prefer a hot climate or a cold climate?

Today we learnt that climate refers to the typical weather in a place that is measure over a longer period of time. We learnt that the climate closer to the equator is warmest and the climate further away from equator is colder.


We were able to locate the equator on our map and understand that it is an invisible line that runs around the center of the Earth surface. 


What is a human and physical geographical feature?

Today we learnt all about the different between a physical and human feature. In groups we sorted features into human and physical features. 


Exciting writing pending... 

This term we are learning all about a new genre. We are going to be learning how to write our own postcards. We started our new unit by reading the story Meerkat mail. It is about a meerkat who is looking for a new home, so visits lots of different places and sends postcards back home to his family. 

In order for us to be able to write out own postcards we needed to learn what a postcard needs to include. We did this by exploring postcards and looking at their features.




Numbers to 20

This term we have started our Maths learning by looking at numbers to 20. We have counted forwards and backwards, learnt different ways to represent numbers and are beginning to compare numbers and objects.