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Term 5 What happened to the Ancient Egyptians in life and after death?


In Topic we have been learning about the start of Ancient Egypt and the roles that Pharaohs had. We have examined important events in this era along with where the Ancient Egyptian era is in the context of world history. The children in Year 3 love to find out facts and gather evidence by doing scavenger hunts.


We started this term with a focus on newspaper reports. The children used drama to really grasp the story of 'The Cinderella of the Nile'. There was some amazing dialogue, facial expressions and body language when the children acted out when Rhodopis was taken!

The to help the children plan some eye witness accounts, they used an emotions bar graph to plot how Rhodopis' parents may have been feeling.

After learning about the features, the children planned, wrote, and edited their very own newspaper reports about the missing girl. 

The next genre that we focused on was diary entries. The children created a 'diary map' of the events.

In Guided Reading, Year 3 are becoming experts at finding definitions of unfamiliar words in dictionaries. It has been great to see the children supported one another with this and showing great patience and resilience.




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