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Week beginning 1st February

Hello Year 6! Thank you for your hard work last week - you are continuing to make me very proud. I have loved catching up with lots of you and seeing all of your great remote learning. Please remember to join our story time on Wednesday at 11:30am and also make a 1:1 Bookings appointment. If the lessons are light blue, it means that you can click on them and it takes you to a video for the lesson. 


Here is your suggested timetable for this week. Please make sure that you get fresh air each day, time away from screens and spend time with your family (board games are always good fun!). 




Morning lessons

11.30am -12pm

Afternoon lessons



Monday 1st

Maths 1


English 1

Reading for pleasure

SPaG 1


From 2-3pm each day. Mr Hawkins is available for phone calls, emails and Microsoft Bookings/Teams catch ups.


Tuesday 2nd

Maths 2


E-safety workshop

Reading 1

SPaG 2



Wednesday 3rd

Maths 3


English 2

TEAMS story time with
Mr Hawkins

SPaG 3



Thursday 4th

Maths 4


English 3

Reading 2

SPaG 4



Friday 5th


Spelling test

Big Write 

Reading for pleasure

SPaG 5


Mr Hawkins will be available from 11:30am-12pm every day, as well as 2-3pm, for phone calls, emails and Microsoft Bookings/Teams catch ups.


Children’s Mental Health Week

On Monday at 9am there was an assembly for Children’s Mental Health Week – you can watch it by clicking here


On Wednesday please view Mrs Hodgson's assembly which can be found in the Video Resource Centre


E-Safety workshop

If you were unable to join our e-safety workshop on Tuesday, please view the resources below.  


You can find this week’s Maths resources below. This week’s learning is focusing on decimals, including their place value and multiplying & dividing them. There is a video in the Video Resource Centre for these lessons.

Arithmetic – there is a video in the Video Resource Centre to discuss some of this week’s trickier questions. Please complete the calculations in your grey Maths books, marking your work afterwards.


After conducting our research last week in English, we will now start to write our Anne Frank biographies. This week will focus on the first few paragraphs, including an introduction, Anne’s early life and what life was like for Jewish people during WW2. The video in the Video Resource Centre discusses the tasks and some example writing.

Big Write

For your Big Write, Miss Lineker has set us an exciting writing challenge! Have a watch of Miss Lineker’s video in the Video Resource Centre – further details are in the resource below. Use the story starter on there and show off how good your imagination is!


Reading for pleasure: read a book, e-book, magazine or comic of your choice.
Reading 1: KS2 English Comprehension p8-9 – Hostages to Handheld Devices. The video in the Video Resource Centre talks through this task and helps you to understand the questions. Answers are below.
Reading 2: KS2 English Comprehension p18-19 – Lord of the Rings. Answers are below.


Your SPaG this week is focusing on commas. You all made fantastic progress last term exploring commas for different purposes. Please complete the following pages in your KS2 English Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling CGP book:


SPaG 1: p40         SPaG 2: p41        SPaG 3: p42       SPaG 4: p43 
SPaG 5: mark your work by using the answers on p106.


This week’s spellings are based on words beginning with acc-. Please complete one activity each day – don’t forget to practise on Spelling Shed too.


This week’s lesson is focusing on evacuation. This was a key part of helping to keep children safe in World War Two. The resources below give all of the necessary information and they explain today’s tasks – they do not need to be printed. Please view Mr Hawkins’ video in the Video Resource Centre.


Our P.S.H.E lesson is focusing on challenging stereotypes. Please explore the information resource, which also contains your tasks for today’s lesson. If you can’t access the link to the YouTube video, Mrs Duncan has put the images on the second resource for you to explore.


Please complete the activities on the resource below - we will be doing this on two separate days to see how our fitness improves.

Mr Johnson from Elite Sports has also kindly sent some additional P.E which you could complete at home. The resource is below.


Our Art this week is adding the finishing touches to your art work – including the light beams. Be creative with the media and materials which you choose.  Mrs Duncan has made a video in the Video Resource Centre to help.


Science this week is focusing on the impact of exercise on your circulatory system. Have a look at the video in the Video Resource Centre as well as the PowerPoint information and resources below for your task this week – you may need your trainers ready!