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Week beginning 23rd November

In Maths this week, we are learning how to use short and long methods of division. This link from Whiterose Maths might help: https://vimeo.com/461800078 


You should complete the activities below, then in your CGP Year 6 Targeted Question Book for Maths you can complete pages 10 and 11. Try the problems on pages 16 and 17 if you manage to get those completed.

In English we are continuing to read Michael Morpurgo's War Horse. This link has the first few chapters: https://www.bookscool.com/en/War-Horse-917231/1 


There are some English lessons on Oak National Academy linked to another text by Michael Morpurgo, which you could always work through if you wanted to: https://classroom.thenational.academy/units/the-giants-necklace-by-michael-morpurgo-f022 


Our Big Write for this week is focusing on poetry. Go outside to your garden and complete the sense sheet below. Then have a go at writing it in a seasons poem - poem number 10 on this link may give you some inspiration: https://www.poetryinnature.com/poem/the-seasons/  

Our Reading lessons this week are focusing on The April Joke - have a read of the text and then complete the questions on the next page.
In your CGP Year 6 Comprehension book you should complete the "Poems About Seasons" comprehension on pages 14 and 15.