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W/C 18.01.2021

Hello Fox Class,

It was lovely to speak to you last week and a big thank you to you for sending all of your amazing work. Please keep sending your work to me this week and if you have any questions, you can send me a message using the contact me at the bottom of our class page. I will be able to answer anything at all about your work and I will create a video to help with anything you are finding tricky.

I can’t wait to see what you have been up to, keep shining bright!

Mrs Davies


Morning lessons


Afternoon lessons



Maths lesson 1

English lesson 1

Reading comprehension

Teacher conference

During this time, I am available to respond to emails. Please send me your work of what you have been doing in the morning lessons.

Spelling activity 1


Teacher conference

During this time, I am available for online bookings, responding to your emails, and making phone calls.


Maths lesson 2

English lesson 2

Reading for pleasure

Spelling activity 2



Maths Lesson 3

English lesson 3

Storytime with Mrs Davies on Microsoft Teams

Spelling games on Spelling Shed



Maths lesson 4

English lesson 4

Reading comprehension

Spelling games on Spelling Shed



Maths arithmetic

English Big Write

Reading for pleasure

Spelling test

Creative learning-Music


This week in Maths, we are continuing to learn about multiplying and division. 

Each lesson has a video that you will also find useful. As you send me your work, you may find additional videos in the Video Resource Centre to help with misunderstandings.


LO. To multiply by 8

Video to support today’s lesson: https://vimeo.com/480761211


LO. To divide by 8

Video to support today’s lesson: https://vimeo.com/480761847


LO. To develop my understanding of the 8 times table

Video to support today’s lesson: https://vimeo.com/480763110


LO. To compare statements

Video to support today’s lesson: https://vimeo.com/485433674


LO. To develop my arithmetic skills

Please complete page 8 in your  CGP  Mental workout book.


This week in English we are going to be planning and writing our own fable.

See below for the lessons. On each document, you will find a grammar activity that you will need to complete in your CGP Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling book.

There is a video in the Video Resource Centre introducing this week’s English. As you send me your work, you may find additional videos in the Video Resource Centre to help with misunderstandings. 

Monday 18th January 2021

LO. To plan the outline of a fable

Tuesday 19th January 2021

LO. To write the opening of a fable

click on the link below to watch a video about today's lesson



Wednesday 20th January 2021

LO. To include dialogue within a fable

Click on the link below to view the videos for today's lesson.


Thursday 21st January 2021

LO. To write a suitable problem and ending to my fable.

There are two videos now on the Video Resource Centre to help with today's English lesson.



Friday 22nd January 2021-Big Write

LO. To retell a fable

Watch the fable of the fox and the mouse. It is a wonderful fable all about kindness. This is one of Mrs Davies’ favourite clips, especially because it has a fox in it! Have a look at the PowerPoint below to help with today’s Big Write. You need to do what we usually do in class. We plan it first and then write our version of the fable, applying everything we have learnt over the past three weeks.

Big Write Video of the Fox and the Mouse link

Reading comprehension

Monday 18th January 2021

Please complete pages 20 and 21 in your CGP book

Thursday 21st January 2021

Look at the reading comprehension Great Galapagos (linked below) .Read the text and then answer the questions on the same document. You do not need to print this document out, just wrote the answers in your lined exercise book.

Some extra challenges that we usually complete in our Whole Class Guided Reading sessions:

  • Time yourself for 1 minute to see how many words you can read (let me know in our weekly catch-ups or send me a message to let me know your score)
  • Identify any vocabulary that you are unsure of and use a dictionary to find the definition. You could create your own sentence using the word to stretch your thinking!


This week we are focussing on the spelling rule: The long /a/ vowel sound spelled ’ey.’

See below for the activities that are listed on the timetable above.

You will need to know your Spelling Shed log in details for some of the games. If you can’t quite remember your log in details, send me a message and I will be able to help you 😊

On Friday, watch the video in the  Video Resource Centre labelled spelling test 22.01.2021 and you will be able to do you spelling test with Mrs Davies.


Over the past two weeks, we have gained a good understanding of environmental issues and how humans can damage the environment. This week we are focusing on how humans can improve the environment. You will not need to print any work out for this lesson as it can be completed in your lined exercise book.


LO. To classify the different types of skeletons of animals including humans

In this lesson, we are going to be developing our understanding of the different types of skeletons that animals including humans have. Read the printed PowerPoint and complete the task at the end of it. There is no need to print anything off as you can draw the table in your books.


In R.E this term we are focusing on God and Incarnation. In this week’s lesson we are going answer the question ‘What is the holy trinity?’. Click on the link below to complete this lesson.  

R.E. Holy Trinity lesson link


Please see the video of a Joe Wicks workout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz0go1pTda8

 Then see the additional document for an extra challenge in P.E. The attached activity can be adapted so that you can do it in your own garden using things you may find there.

Creative Learning

LO. To explore 4 beats in a bar.

Explore the lesson below from the National Oak Academy. Perhaps you could send me a video of you having a go at this practical lesson.  Click on lesson 2 to complete today's work.

Creative learning link