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Term 5 Where does our food come from and where does it go?

Meanwhile in Science this week, we have learnt about the different types of teeth we have and their different functions. Did you know that adults have 32 teeth? We even made models of our teeth using play dough. This was lots a fun and a great practical way to demonstrate our understanding.

Following on from our baking lesson, in Computing we learnt about different camera angles and how to edit images. These images are going to be used on our cooking blog. Miss Lineker was very impressed with how professional these looked!

We applied our learning to bake our own banana bread/loaf cake! It was delicious! We learnt how to measure accurately, follow a recipe and work safely and hygienically. We then wrote our recipes in a Big Write lesson and typed them on to our cooking blogs which we hope to be able to share by the end of term.

In English over the first two weeks, we learnt how to write formal letters. We chose to write letters to our local food banks to find out what foods they are in need of. This supports the second part of our enquiry question ‘where does food go?’ The Badgers would really like to support our community and are going to hold a donations drive in the last week of term to collect donations of food to send to the food banks.

During our second week, we explored the tropical islands of the Caribbean and learnt that bananas are grown here. We were fascinated by the size and amount of Caribbean islands that exist! We now know that tropical countries are on or near the equator and in between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn.

During our first week, we learnt about where different breakfast foods come from. We used our geography skills to label a world map to show where different breakfast foods come from. Did you know that oranges are grown in Spain and rice (used for riced cereal) is grown in India and Indonesia?

A gruesome enquiry launch in Science - we made poo!


In our first Science lesson, we launched our new enquiry, 'where does food come from and where does it go?'


We shared some ideas about what happens to our food when it enters the body. Some Badgers already knew that there are acids in your body that break down the food. Another Badger described the digestive system as like little trucks taking away all of the good parts from the food you have eaten!


We created our own digestive systems to explore the process of digestion in the human body. There were squeals and laughter as we broke down the foods using 'saliva' and added 'acid' whilst in the stomach, before taking out the nutrients in our small intestine and the water in our large intestine and finally producing a stool stored in the rectum and passed through the anus!

The Badgers were fascinated as you can see in the images below!