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W/C 04.01.2021

Hello Fox Class,

I am very sorry that I won't see you at school today. We had a fantastic day in school yesterday and I am very proud of how you returned to school after the Christmas break. However, the time has come again for you to be amazing stay at home superheroes! I will be adding work to this page and videos in the video resource centre to help you with your learning. If you need to ask anything please use the 'contact Mrs Davies' section on our class page or send me a message on Twitter @MrsDaviesWyb.


Stay safe and I hope to see you very soon,

Mrs Davies


Morning lessons

Afternoon lessons


Maths Arithmetic















Big Write

Reading for pleasure


Spelling test


Below is a suggested timetable for the rest of this week, you can be flexible in how you follow it but I would really encourage accessing English and Maths every day.

 The resources that you will need for English, Maths, and Reading for Wednesday are in your pack as I had already printed these before the announcement on Monday.

Please write the date and title in your books and complete the work for each lesson, you will not need to print any resources for the rest of this week.



The classic text, 'Winnie the Pooh' has been printed and is in your learning pack, along with the VIPERS questions. Please answer these directly into your exercise book.



Continue to access SpellingShed using your login and use your homework sheets that were sent home on Monday.




Please see Maths arithmetic sheets in your packs


LO. To multiply by three

Watch the video below to help you with this lesson.


Click on the resources below for 07.01.2021, please write the answers in your Maths exercise books.


LO. To divide by three

Watch the video to help you with this lesson.


Click on the link below for work on 08.01.2021, Please work out the calculations in your Maths exercise book.


Wednesday 6th January 2021

LO. To recognise the structure of a fable

**The resources for this lesson are already printed and in your learning pack**

Watch The Fox and the Crow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7GHOIhZ8K0  

How is the fable structured? What is the purpose of the fable? Who are the characters? Are they always animals?

Next, order the pictures and speech from the fable and put them in the correct order.

Then answer the green block question. What is your opinion of the fable? What do you think the moral of this fable is?

There is also a cold task to complete- can you identify the sentence types being used? Are they commands, questions, statements, or exclamation sentences?


Thursday 7th January 2021

LO. To be able to re-enact the fable

Make a puppet of a fox and a crow, you could use socks, or things you would find in your recycling tub.

Next read the text of The Fox and the Crow. Can you read it aloud? Can you add different voices? Think about the tone of the voices.

Then re-enact the story when you know the words off by heart. Maybe you could film yourself to evaluate your performance.

Friday 8th January 2021

LO. To write a diary entry

Listen to Mrs Davies read the story Meerkat Mail here.

As you listen can you create a story map of the places the meerkat visited, what he saw and what happened to him.

Then click your fingers three times and touch your nose twice.

Some magic has happened and you are now Mr Meerkat. In today’s big write I would like you to write a diary entry about what has happened to you.


Here is one of Joe Wicks’ P.E. workouts. He is back on Monday with some brand-new lessons too.

Click on the link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFKf4X0pyKs



Thursday 7th January 2021

 LO. To identify how people both damage and improve the environment.

We are going to start exploring the impact of humans living on earth. I would like you to explore the PowerPoint below, which introduces environmental issues that can be caused by humans. If you are unsure what some of these mean, try researching them safely on the internet or you may even have some books at home

This is a research lesson, so you can make notes, draw pictures or design a poster to help you remember your learning 😊


Friday 8th October 2021

LO. To understand the importance of nutrients

Animals, unlike plants which can make their own food, need to eat in order to get the nutrients they need. Food contains a range of different nutrients that are needed by the body to stay healthy. Look at the PowerPoint below.


  1. Look closely at the slides as there are some questions you will need to answer in your exercise book. Remember to write the date and learning objective at the top of your page.
  2. Then have a go at matching the activity below, can you identify what each nutrient provides your body? No need to print this out- see if you can match the numbers and the letters in your book.

3. Finally look at the nutrient cards below. All the food that you have in your cupboards have labels like this. At the end of the cards as there are some questions for you to investigate.