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Summer 1

Welcome to the Summer Term in the Fox Class! 
Lots of exciting learning is taking place this term and our driver for our Enquiry is History. Our Enquiry question is ‘Why should we preserve our locality?’ which will be answered through creating a campaign, outlining our reasons as to why we believe our local church should remain a listed building. 

Boston United trip 


We visited the Boston United stadium. We spent the morning learning how to play football on the 4g pitch and then we had a private tour around the stadium in the afternoon. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience and we all had something positive to say at the end of the day! 

The King’s Coronation 


In celebration of the King’s Coronation we made our own crowns and paraded around the school with our parents and carers watching. 

Online safety workshop 


A visitor came to teach us more about internet safety. We learnt how to create a secure, memorable password and what information is safe to share online and with whom. 


This term we are learning how to plan, draft, edit and publish a formal, persuasive letter. Our outcome is to create a letter to our local councillor to persuade them to list our school as a special building. 


The features

We began our learning by identifying the features of a formal letter in a modelled text. We enjoyed learning about emotive language and we found that it can have a very powerful impact on the reader. 

We continued our learning of the features and grammar used in a formal letter through explicit learning of each feature. We applied our learning of these by writing sour own sentences using these features. 

The draft and edit. 
Once we had explored the features of a formal letter and planned our own letter, we were ready to draft and edit using our plan and previous learning. The results were fantastic and we enjoyed reading each other’s work using a visualiser, providing feedback to our peers, allowing us to make purposeful edits and revisions. 


This term we are learning about the monetary value of coins and notes and how to add and subtract money. 

We used paper money to show that we understand the value of different coins and notes. We were able to compare and contrast the monetary values, stating that a £50 note holds the greatest value and 1p holds the least. 

Enquiry - Why should we preserve our locality? 

Our driver this term is History and we will be learning about listed buildings to help us answer the question ‘why should we preserve our locality?’ Our case study is our local church and we are researching and compiling information so that we can create a campaign to keep our church listed. 

Our campaign

We began creating leaflets and posters for our campaign to save the church. We applied our learning of the church to help us, including facts and reading as to why the church is and should remain a listed building. 

A visit from our local Reverend 


The Reverend from our local church came to visit us and we asked him lots of questions to find out more about the church. This helped us to better understand why the church is listed and the information we found out will be used to help us create our campaign. 



This term, we are learning how to run individually and as part of a team in preparation for sports day. 

We have been learning the technique for running - arms swaying forwards and backwards, head looking forward and running on the balls of our feet. 


We learnt how to run a relay and how to pass a baton to our team mate. We know that if we start running before the baton is passed on, we will finish the race quicker.