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A Toy's Story..

What an exciting last day of term...


Today we had a special visitor in Year 1 and he brought some amazing things for us to explore. We got to show off our learning from our toys topic and impress Mr Hammond with how much we already knew about old toys and how they have changed over the years including the attitudes of children, the materials toys are made from and how technology has advanced and allowed us to have lots of different toys. Mr Hammond brought in a large variety of real and replica Victorian toys that we got to explore. We were also lucky enough to get to dress up as Victorian children. 


When exploring the toys we used our knowledge of materials to name the different types of materials the toys were made from, compare similarities and differences from toys today as well as have lots of fun learning how the toys moved and how to play with them. 

Part - Part - Whole

Now that we have secured our place value to 10 we are beginning to add and subtract numbers to 10. We have explored the vocabulary for addition and subtraction, built number sentences with equipment and have introduced the part-part-whole model to help with problem solving.  

Part - Part - Whole

Look what we found!

After learning about the toys our Parents and Grandparents played with, we found a time capsule in our school grounds. Inside the capsule was letters from children a long time ago and pictures of old toys. We had to use the clues in the letters to try and work out what toys the children use to play with. It was fun to look at what toys are the same and how they have changed over the years and learn about toys that we might not of seen before. 


We then drew pictures of our own favourite toys and wrote clue to describe them. We are going to put these in a new time capsule for children in the future to find. 


Creative Wednesday's

Today we were using our creative sides in Yoga and Music. We began by following a Story called Kipper's toy box - Linked to our Toys topic and English. We looked at different Yoga moves and then used these for actions to our story.


Our creativity didn't end there, we then began to learn our new song 'Hey you!'. We spoke about whether we liked the piece of music or not and also looked at the different Vocabulary we might use when talking about a piece of music. 

Finally, We tried to keep to the pulse of the Music with our bodies and  with different instruments.


What toys did our Parents and Grandparents have when they were little?

W started our Toys Topic by looking at what our favourite toys were and drew pictures of them labeling them with the different materials that they are made from and how they look and feel. 


Next, we are going to be looking at the types of toys our parents and grandparents played with when they were little to begin to compare the differences and similarities. To do this we decide to invite in our families in  to talk and show us what toys they played with. In preparation for this as a class we wrote some questions that we wanted to ask our visitors. 


During our Parent engagement event our Parents and Grandparents spoke about what types of toys they had when they were little, what the materials their toys were made from and if they had any similar and different toys to what we have today. We also made a collage of old toys to show the toys our Parents and Grandparents played with. Thank you to all families that came to this event! 

1, 2, 3 and off we go...

To start the term off we are looking at numbers 1-10 to consolidate learning. We will then start to look at applying our learning to problems and beginning to reason our answers for example how do i know that the 2 + 2 = 4. 


The children began by creating their own counting rules that they need to use when counting objects. They then completed a variety of activities to test if they were using their counting rules and counting accurately.