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What is the most valuable treasure in Arthur's vault?

Our learning this term stated with the exciting story of 'Arthur and the Golden Rope'. This is a tale of an unlikely Viking hero who saves his town after completing an exciting mission set of him by Thor! 


Arthur is an inquisitive character and likes to collect artefacts that he finds, so we had a very exciting afternoon exploring some of the Viking artefacts borrowed from his vault.

Being able to touch and hold the artefacts was a great experience and meant that the Honey Bee class could observe them in detail. The children used the artefacts to decide what they defiantly knew about Viking life, what they could infer and (building on from our visit with the historian at West Stow) listed questions they would want to ask the object if it could talk. The Honey Bees then applied skills of comparison and rating to evaluate which artefacts shared the most about Viking life to create pyramid rankings. 
One of the treasures from Arthur's vault was a braid. This led the Honey Bee class on to explore the process of Viking weaving and inspired some of their own artwork of weaving poppies for our Remembrance wreath. Some pupils even completed some weaving at home! 
To continue our learning of the Vikings (in order to work out which artefacts are the most valuable) we have explored a range of written sources from different viewpoints and linked out knowledge of the reading Vipers and Bloom's taxonomy within our lessons.
Alongside our learning of the Vikings, we have been developing our understanding of calculation having progressed onto using two four digit numbers and becoming familiar with the idea of exchanging. Using the apparatus and pictorial representations has really supported the children's progress onto the written methods.
The Honey Bee class are in full swing of their own stories based on the work of 'Arthur and the Golden Rope'. We have been using the school grounds to support idea generation, zone of relevances to rank vocabulary and created images to support our writing. Being an author is busy work and the children are becoming familiar with the planning, drafting and editing process and we develop our stories. 
Mrs Hodgson has been very excited to use 'Excitable Edgar' within guided reading. Use the short film has really supported the children to make progress towards our work on our "Explain" viper!
We had a great party afternoon celebrating Christmas time! The classroom was full of laughter, games and music which made a lovely afternoon!
The Honey Bee class worked very hard to lead the Key Stage 2 Christingle Service. It was a lovely celebration to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and was supported with poems, prayers and messages from years 3, 5 and 6. It was a lovely celebration.