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What was it like in the Stone Age?

As a class we discussed how we get clothes and food in todays world. We then explored what it was like in the Stone Age. Thinking deeply about what the Stone Age people needed to do to survive.


The children decided that it would have been difficult to survive in the Stone Age because they had to hunt for their own food and make their own clothes. All of a sudden one Fox exclaimed, "Not only did they need to hunt for their own food but they would need to make something to kill the animals, they would need to spend time making their weapons!"


We discussed the types of materials that would have available in the Stone Age and went outside to see if we could forage for these materials, we had a debate about the properties of the materials that some of the children had found. It was fantastic to see the children building on their learning from Year 2 and how they were able to articulate and  justify their answers



The children decided that this would have been a hard task to complete if you were feeling hungry.