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Wellbeing Wednesday

Surprise! I was going to plan a topic lesson for this afternoon but I want to save the practical experiments we are going to do for when we are all back together and we can create our own mini watercycles!


So I decided that as it is our last Wednesday of remote learning, we needed to make the most of it! So this afternoon is Wellbeing Wednesday! I would like you to do something that makes you smile. Step away from the technology, close that laptop lid and do something to help your wellbeing!


Here are some ideas of things you might like to do:

-Colouring or drawing



- Going for a walk or bike ride with your family

-Playing in the garden

-Building a den

-Listening to music

-Building lego



Send me some photos of what you get up to and we will create the last ever 'Wellbeing Wednesday' slide show! Have fun!