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Term 2 How can one person's actions impact other people's lives?

The final piece of stunning Artwork


I am so incredibly proud of the Badger's Dragons Eyes! Over the course of the term, they have learnt to sketch using different grades of pencil, refined their ideas in their sketchbooks, created a 3D plasticine model to test out their ideas, evaluated their prototype and then transferred all of these skills into their final clay sculpture. The last step was to paint their eye, which was completed in two steps using primary colours and then metallic paint. Their eyes shall sit on a special wooden stand Miss Lineker kindly bought and then the calendar tab shall be fixed on the back.


They are truly stunning! Well done Badgers!

Party afternoon in the Badger Class


We have had so much fun this afternoon at our Christmas party! We played musical statues, the key game and even had a Santa fun run! We enjoyed party food, laughed lots and were blown away by the amount of layers in Mrs Booth's pass the parcel! See the pictures below for a snapshot of the fun!

Party afternoon

Beginning to apply our Science and DT skills...


This week, our fantastic Badgers have begun to apply their knowledge of complete circuits. Using electrical components, we created a complete circuit with wires, a cell and most importantly a bulb! We then applied our DT designs and used lots of different craft materials to create the outside of our torch. We need at least one more lesson to put our torches together and then look out for the Badgers lighting up the dark nights in Wyberton!

8th December making torches in Science and DT

Investigating electricity in Science

Our Science learning this term is all about electricity! In our first lesson, we found out what an electrical appliance was sorted appliances in a Venn Diagram. In this week's lesson, we predicted whether different circuit layouts would be successful at lighting a bulb or making a buzzer work. The Badgers constructed simple circuits and used excellent scientific vocabulary to explain why their circuit was complete or incomplete. The 'buzz' in the room was amazing as there were many 'lightbulb moments' quite literally!


Our clay dragon eyes are beginning to take shape!


In our afternoon Art session, the Badgers used their evaluations of their plasticine dragon eyes, as well as their excellent sketchbook plans and journey to create their final 3D dragon eye from clay. We learnt how to roll, shape and combine the clay to make different patterns. Can you see any intricate patterns within our designs? Once our eyes have dried, we shall be painting them to bring them to life.


Writing an alternative ending to a traditional tale for our Infinity Trust Writing task


We had a really exciting Big Write task today set by Mrs Hodgson and all of our Trust schools are going to take part! We cannot wait to share our writing with our friends from other schools. Here we are planning our writing by using some drama and role play - this was lots of fun! 

Can you spot any hungry wolves or a Little Red Riding Hood?


We began our topic by sharing our new enquiry mat. This will be referred to throughout the term to support the Badgers with their enquiries into the Vikings. You can use this resource at home to support your child with learning key facts, the meanings and spellings of key vocabulary and through discussion of the key themes on page 2.