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Term 2 - Who landed on the Moon first?

Welcome to term 2! We hope you all had a fantastic half term break and got plenty of family time and rest. The adults in the Owl Class are very excited about this next term and all of the fun learning opportunities that we have planned including; our class business returning and the count down towards Christmas. 


Our Enquiry for this term has a History driver and we will be learning all about the first person to land on the Moon and why they are significant. Please see enquiry mat below for this terms key vocabulary and facts. 



Our newsletter below also provides an outline of all our subjects and and a brief description of what we will be covering this term. 


In our first lesson of Enquiry we used our class timeline to identify the Moon landing. We learnt that this happened in 1969. 

We then learnt all about the Race to Space and how America and Russia sent animals (fruit flies, monkeys and a dog) into space first to see if it was safe. We learnt who the first man and women in space were and how this all led up to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin being the first people to land on the Moon. 

Maths - addition and subtraction. 
This week in Maths, we have been continuing with our addition and subtraction learning. We have been learning to find a part using the part- whole model and find all 8 fact family facts. 


This week in Year 1 we have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. We have sorted them, learnt their names and created patterns with them. 

RE - The creation story 

This term in RE we are learning all about the creation story and how Christians believe that we should look after our world and thank God for creating it. 
This week we have learnt that the creation story comes at the beginning of the Big Frieze and the order of the creation story. To show our understand we created art work to represent each of the 6 days of creation and as a class we ordered it in the correct order of what God made on each day. 

Extra curricular 

Year 1 really enjoyed their visit from a professional athlete - Chris. 
They complete a 4 part circuit in groups and were really inspired by Chris’ story and lots of children now aspire to be a professional basketball player or at least want to try basketball for the first time. 

Christmas crafts 

Our Christmas crafts have began with making our own tree decoration that will be hung from a hoop and displayed in the hall for all to see. Year 1 explored mixing colours and repeating patterns to make their bauble. 

Christmas crafts - take home. 
As we near the end of term Year 1 are getting super excited to be able to share their Christmas crafts with you. They have been working very hard, retrieving their knowledge of colour mixing, in order to create a Christmas card and calendar. Look out for these coming home very soon! Here is a sneak peak! 

Trip to church. 
Year 1 really enjoyed their trip to church today. Learning all about advent. 

Business and Enterprise - Owls Chocolate Factory 

Year 1 have loved preparing their chocolate trees in preparation for the Christmas fair. 

Christmas fair.
Thank you to our sales team for selling our class business product at the Christmas fair. We sold EVERYTHING! Our total profit was £58.90, which the Owl class will use to reinvest in future products. Thank you to all that bought a chocolate tree and we hope you enjoyed it. 

Christmas Jumper day!

Today we all wore our Christmas jumpers to share awareness for save the children. 

A special visitor. 
Year 1 had a special visitor come to see them today. They were very excited to see him and receive a a little present from him! Thank you Santa!