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Term 2 - What is it like to be an astronaut?

Historical sources 

Today we were in the role of Historians and were analysing sources to see what they could tell us about the Moon landing. We spoke about how sometimes newspapers are not always the best source for information but on this occasion we could use them. We then looked at some statements and matched these to the sources that helped proved them to be true. 

Our new Enquiry:

Before our new enquiry could we begin, we discussed what we already knew about the Moon and travelling to the Moon and presented this in a mind map that we will add to throughout our enquiry.




Once we were introduced to our enquiry question for this term, as a class we thought of some of our own questions that we would like to answer on our learning journey.




In our first lesson we learnt about some key events leading up to the first Moon landing. We then created a simple timeline of these events.