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Term 3- What are the wonders of our world?

Welcome to term 3!


Welcome to the Spring Term. We hope that everyone has had a lovely festive period! We have lots of exciting learning that we cannot wait to share with you this term. We are especially excited by our DT project where we will be making hats!


Our Enquiry question this term is: What are the wonders of our world? We will be looking at all of the things that make the UK and world a wonderful place with a particular focus on natural geographical features.


Please find attached our Enquiry mat along with our class newsletter. These will provide you with an overview of our learning.



This term children have been learning about creating sequences in gymnastic. They have been thinking about how to manoeuvre on and off the equipment. Children were thinking about how to travel across the equipment and they were using rolls and jumps to exit the bench.



In music so far, children have been identifying pitch and whether it is getting higher or lower, children have then been able to copy this with their own voices.

Children have also been learning how to use classroom instruments and maintaining a steady pulse, and learning how to get louder, quieter, faster and slower.



This term in DT the children have been learning about how to create a winter expedition hat. Children have used their knowledge of materials from science to decide which materials would be best to keep their heads warm. 

Children then designed their winter hat using kingfisher colours.

We then invited our wonderful parents to our parent event where children were teaching them how to sew their hats together using a running stitch. 

We cannot wait to share out final products!


This week for geography, children have been thinking of wonders of our world. Children built upon their knowledge from last week about Mount Everest and began to research different rivers and deserts across the world. Children were able to conduct their own research to answer the following questions depending on where they were researching:

Where is it?

What animals live there?

How big is it?

Why is it wonderful?

What fun facts can you find?



This term, children have been looking at values of money, children have been able to identify the various values of coins and notes, pound and pence, they have used this knowledge to work out the change needed from different amounts. Children have then gone on to solve two step problems where they first calculated the amount show and then worked out the change.


This term, children have been looking at photography, children have spoken about different shutter speeds, and how a photo can be blurry because the object is moving too fast or the shutter speed is too slow. Children also explored pixels in a photograph and we have discussed how all pictures are made from lots of little pixel squares. The kingfishers then got to experiment with taking their own photos experimenting with the rule of thirds, and shutter speed.