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Term 5- Where do our favourite animals live?

Welcome to Term 5! We hope you all had a lovely Easter break with your families and are well rested. We have so much to look forward to this term including our class assembly, a trip to the Zoo as well as all our fantastic learning. For an overview of our learning this term please see this terms newsletter below. 


Our enquiry this term is: Where do our favourite animals live? 

We will be looking at the worlds seven continents and five main oceans and exploring some of the places that our favourite animals live including the emperor penguin and the African elephant. Please see this terms enquiry mat below.  


This term in DT we are practicing our sewing skills. We will each sew a shape on to a patch. These patches will then be sewn together to create a patchwork blanket which we will donate to a dogs trust. Today were cutting out our shapes ready to sew onto our patch. 

We have started our new unit of fractions in maths. The children have really enjoyed recognising and finding half of different shapes and objects. 

Virtual Author Event. 
Today Year 1 experienced a virtual author event and loved hearing about where authors get their inspiration and then participated in an a draw along illustration session. 

Science - Animal groups 

This term in science we are learning about 5 animal groups (mammals, fish, bird, reptile and amphibians). 
So far we have learnt about mammals and amphibians. 

Computing - We are rhythmic 

Today Year 1 have been learning how to use the app ScratchJr to record sounds and play them back. 


Today Year 1 have been using atlases to name and locate the worlds 7 continents. They looked specifically at the continent Antarctica which is the home to the emperor penguin. They described the landscape of Antarctica and learned that it is very cold there and it is covered in ice.