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Autumn 2

Welcome back Foxes! We have lots of exciting learning taking place this term across the curriculum. Our enquiry question this term remains 'how have survival skills changed through time?'. However, this term we will be exploring and learning about what life was like during the Bronze and Iron Ages and how it differed from the Stone Age. 


As we are approaching Christmas, we will be creating our own Christmas crafts applying our learning in Art from Year 2 and last term. We will be creating a Christmas bauble, calendar and card. 

Children in Need Day


We wore spotty clothes to show our support for Children in Need. We are very proud of how much money we raised for such a great cause. 

Road Safety Day 


As the nights are drawing in and it is getting darker earlier, we found it appropriate to learn more about how to stay safe in the dark and be seen. We learnt about the importance of wearing bright, reflective clothing. We designed our own outfit to help keep us safe! 


Our writing genre this term is instructions and we will be working through our English cycle to explore the features and grammar of a set of instructions. We will then plan, draft, edit and publish our own set of instructions based on the book 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth' by Michelle Robinson. 



Today, we applied our learning of the features and grammar used when writing a set of instructions. We learnt about the importance of being detailed with our instructions as we told our working partners how to make a jam sandwich. It was very tricky as some of us had never made a sandwich before but we showed great perseverance and teamwork! 


This term in Maths, we will be continuing to develop strategies and methods for addition and subtraction of three-digit numbers.

We learnt how to use the column method to add and subtract three digit numbers with and without exchanges. 

As part of Children in Need Day, we played a maths board game in which we had to apply our previous learning to answer questions in order to move around the board and collect points. 

Science - Forces and magnets. 

In Science this term we are learning about forces, what they are and how they can effect the movement of objects. We will also be exploring the qualities of magnets and how they attract and repel metals. 

We learnt that about the forces push and pull and created our own freeze frames to show how these forces work in our day to day lives! 

Today, we learnt that friction slows down the movement of an object and we created our own experiment to explore how friction impacts the movement of a toy car on different surfaces. We created a fair experiment by ensuring we flicked the toy car with the same force each time. We found that the least friction was created when the car moved along the table. 


This term, in PSHE, we are learning about the diversity and differences of people. We began our learning by understanding the importance of listening and challenging opinions in a respectful way. We did this by working in groups to create a paper aeroplane. 

Today, we learnt about different types of relationships that people can have. Some of us were shocked at just how many there are. We know that although all these relationships are different, they are equally as important. Our quote of the day was “relationships are those whereby people love you no matter what.”



This term we are learning how to debug and improve algorithms. We are using scratch to edit algorithms and spot and edit errors. 

Today, we identified a one off error in a scratch algorithm in which a sprite made a circle that took too long to create. We edited the programme so that the circle was made quicker and we improved the algorithm by changing the shape created. 



This term, we are building on our learning from last term by stating what our favourite animals and games are in French. 

In this lesson, we identified different pictures of animals when asked who had which animal in French. We then drew a picture of our favourite animal and told the class what our preferred animal was.