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Term 1- Did the Great Fire make London a better or worse place?

Hello and welcome to the Kingfisher's class page. We are very excited to share the children's learning throughout term 1. Our first parent event will be on the 13th October so keep an eye out for announcements on our Parent Hub page. 


Our enquiry question this term is: Did the Great Fire make London a better or worse place? Children will be investigating the effects of the Great Fire of London.


Below you will find this terms newsletter with an overview of the learning the children will be doing.



For each Enquiry your child will be sent home an Enquiry mat with key vocabulary and concepts related to that terms Enquiry. Please take some time to look at these with your child to help them to embed and support their learning. This terms Enquiry mat is below.



For computing this term, we are learning to use Scratch Jr to program a sprite using codes.

So far the children have learnt to change backgrounds, choose different sprites and they have learnt about how to program them to move and talks. The children have successfully programmed a rocket to fly to a planet and count down to blast of. 



In PE this week children were learning about developing their passing and receiving skills. They thought about how to improve their accuracy when passing the ball and thought of a few questions to think about when executing passes such as:

Where can we pass the ball?

How can we pass the ball?

Why should we pass the ball?


Design and Technology


This term in DT we are working towards building our own fire engines. This week we have focussed on the design process. First the children looked at modern fire engines and were able to compare them to what was used in the 1600's, the children were able to identify different features of modern engines such as ladders, hoses, lights and number plates. We had a class discussion about the most important features. Children were then able to design what they wanted their fire engines to look like making sure they include the most important features.