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How far did the Romans change the life of people living in Britain after the conquest?

We used a historical speech from Boudicca and images of her statue along the River Thames to begin to infer who she was and why she is studied today. After using her speech to understand her feelings and protest against the Romans, we created a fortune line, showing key events of her life and if they had a positive or negative impact. We have also used our enquiry mats to explore protesting.

Getting practical in Maths

It has been lovely to have the apparatus out again and here the children chattering about their learning! We have been using the apparatus to explore the value of tenths, hundredths and thousandths and if these values are smaller or larger than each other. Have a look at some of our representations below. 

We have continued to explore the partitioned values of decimal numbers and convert between decimals to fractions for tenths, hundredths and thousandths. 

What's going on?

Today the children were shown an image which had black squares over it. Each time a square was removed, the children had to make a prediction about what they could see and the image as a whole! The image was of the wonderful picture book 'Tuesday'. You can have a look at our 'prediction puzzles' below and continue to check back to this webpage to see how we continue with 'Tuesday'! 

Our 2nd lesson was about inference - we used clues from a further image to creat a padlet with all of our inferences on!
We are now progressing to exploring the role of journalists as we prepare to report on these strange events!


This week, we have been exploring risk taking! We took a risk to build a bridge and then took further risks to decide which weights to add. We discussed how these are positive risks and how we sometimes need to take risks in order to learn something new or try a new activity. 

Exploring mixed media and perspective

In our art learning this term, we have been inspired by the South African artist William Kentridge to work with charcoal. In addition to this, we created a toolkit to achieve perspective in our compositions and applied this success criteria when developing designs for our Mother’s Day cards. 


It has been great to start orienteering this term. We have started with some exercises to support the Honey Bee class to become familiar with map symbols. This relay activity was great fun to learn what different coloured areas, lines and symbols will mean on our school ground maps.