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Term 4

RE Lesson

During to days lesson in RE and following the topic of creation and Christianity. We discussed what might be important in the creation story for Christians living today, and for people who are not Christians. These are a few of the comments the children made:

  • God loves us and is always with us.
  • God will never forget us.
  • God never leaves us.
  • To follow the 10 commandments.
  • To be respectful to everyone and the Earth.
  • To follow the rules and laws.

During our Science topic - States of Matter - we have investigated and explored solids and liquids. We have discovered that materials can change state when they are cooled or heated and measured the temperatures in Celsuis degrees. Our first investigation involved observing an ice hand (a solid) changing state into a liquid (melting) and recording at what temperature this change happened. We discovered that the temperature had to rise above 0C for this to happen. Our next experiment involved melting different types of chocolate to see which one melted first. We had varying results which we believe were influenced by the sun coming through the window. Next, we investigated different liquids that had been frozen to change their state to a solid. We observed that not all liquids can be frozen solid like pure water - the honey was still soft and sticky and the oil reverted back to a liquid in super quick time!

Parent Event

During today's parent event, we created and erupted volcanoes, this was linked to this term's enquiry question How does the Earth shake, rattle and roll? The children and parents thoroughly enjoyed this and were very supportive.

The Easter Story

WOW!! What an amazing performance of The Easter Story from Badger class. Everyone was blown away with all their hard work and effort today!

Well done Badgers!