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Online Learning W/C 5th December

Hello Foxes,

I am sorry you cannot be with us at school but that does not mean you have to miss out! You were amazing last week and the work completed was fantastic. I have uploaded some more work below for you to complete whilst you are continue to be a super stay at home hero and remember keep going, keep growing!    


Morning work

Lesson 1

Lesson 2 – after break

Lesson 3

Lesson 4 – after dinner


Read for pleasure

Maths 1 – To apply multiplication to multiplication tables.

Guided reading – Stone Age Boy comprehension 1.

English lesson 1



Read for pleasure

Maths 2 - Maths Shed

Guided reading – Stone Age Boy comprehension 2.

English lesson 2



Read for pleasure

Maths 3 - To understand the concept of division.

Guided reading – Stone Age Boy comprehension 3.

English lesson 3



Read for pleasure

Maths 4 – Maths Shed

Spelling Shed

English lesson 4



Read for pleasure

Maths 5 - arithmetic test

Guided reading – Cold task

English lesson 5



This week we are continuing with our learning of multiplication. Last week we showed our understanding of multiplication by making groups, repeated addition and the multiplication sentence. This week we are exploring how to solve multiplication questions. We are looking at how we can apply our multiplication knowledge to answer fluency, problem solving and reasoning questions focused on the 2 and 5 times tables and the division. 


The learning is as follows

Lesson 1: To apply understanding of multiplication to multiplication tables. 

Lesson 2: Maths Shed (number bonds to 100 and times tables). 

Lesson 3: To understand the concept of division. 

Lesson 4: Maths shed (number bonds to 100 and times tables). 

Lesson 5: arithmetic test. 


Please complete the worksheets below. 

The link below has videos that explains the lessons focus to help complete the worksheet. Please watch videos 4, 5 and 6 before completing the work.




This week in English we are going to be continuing with our retelling of the Stone Age Boy with a focus on character and setting descriptions. Please can you use this time to complete the story and once you have finished please ensure you have edited and proof read your work. If you have completed this early on in the week, please follow the link below to the Oak National website where I would like you to work through the lessons based on The Man on the Moon. 


Guided reading 

Please spend this time answering the questions based on the text 'Stone Age Boy'. A PDF format of this text can be found in the tab named 'online learning W/C 29th November'. 



Science - Water retention of different soils. 

Follow the instructions on the document below to identify the water retention levels of soil. When completing the experiment, make notes about what you can see and which of your soils held the most water and why. 


Science - water retention of soils.


We have recently been learning about jobs and we understand that both men and women can do any job provided they have the skills needed. 

Please can you spend this time showing your understanding of this by cutting the cards out from the document below and match each picture (orange card) to a job description (purple card), qualities needed (green card) and knowledge needed (blue card). 



Job skills matching worksheet


Having looked at the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age for 14 weeks, we have come to an end and we have learnt so much! 

It would be fantastic if you could show just how much you know by completing the booklet below. The booklet contains four pages, the first three include the same questions but for the three Ages (Stone, Bronze and Iron). 

The first question is 'what significant developments took place during this period?'. This means what important changes happened during this period of time? The second question is 'how did these developments impact upon survival skills?' and this means how did these changes change the way people lived? 


The final page is where you get to decide. Which Age would you live in and why? Write your reason and draw what it looks like in the box provided. 


I look forward to seeing what fantastic knowledge you have of the topic! 


History booklet