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Week 2

White Rose Maths

This term we are starting a new phase called 'Alive in 5!'. The sessions have already been recorded for your child to access. Follow this link, click on the box labelled 'Alive in 5!' (in the Spring Term section) and watch sessions 4-8 for this week - one per day.




This week we are going to be learning about the digraph 'ck'. A digraph is where two letters work together to make a sound. Please support your child in accessing the stories and information about this digraph in the 'meet the Letterlanders' section of Phonics Online. We will be reading the phonic reader "Can He Kick?" which also introduces the new tricky words "he" and "she." Please also access the decodable sentences for session 15.



This week we will be learning about safe things that we can put into our bodies. We will be talking about how children should never give themselves medicines and should only allow food, drink, and toothbrushes into their mouths unless they are visiting a doctor or dentist, where they may have to have things like injections.



This week we will be building on the bird drawing skills that the children showed last week. We are going to try to draw robins by looking closely at pictures of them and trying to recreate the basic shape of the bird.