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Determined Explorers

How curious the Kingfishers are!

Our new theme has begun and the children are very curious to discover who Shackleton was and what we have learnt from his expedition. Watch this space to see what interesting facts we can uncover!


Exploring crossing boundaries

Today we explored the equipment of tens and ones to cross into different boundaries when adding and subtracting. We used a child as the banker, which children had to visit to exchange their ten for ones or ten ones for a ten stick. The children worked very well with the equip,jet when applying this to calculations in groups.


Where shall we explore?

Today the children were fantastic imagining they were Ernest Shackleton. They used movements to show preparing for their expedition, moving through the harsh conditions and then finding a discovery. The children developed their facial expressions and demonstrated great effort in portraying the role of explorers.

Which material is the most suitable?

After learning about Charles Mackintosh and his waterproof coat, the Kingfishers were very interested to explore a range of materials in preparation for making their winter hats. The children discussed the properties of wood, metal, fleece, cotton, plastic and paper. They also spoke about how easily they can be used and changed, thinking about how this would effect their design. After a lot of discussion and hands on exploration, the Kingfishers decided felt would be ideal for their winter hats as it could be changed easily, its thick and warm and it would be comfortable to wear. Watch this space to see what the Kingfishers designs look like!