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Spring 2

For anybody in the Hedgehog class who is having to stay at home at the moment, there are lots of fun Phonics and Maths games to be found at:




Some of these games have apps that can be downloaded to your tablets or smart phones as well.

Amazing Aliens

February 2020

The Hedgehogs have had a very busy start to term 4. After listening to lots of alien stories, they spent a long time designing and making their own collage aliens. Over the next term we are going to be studying how creatures change as they grow and then deciding what the life-cycle of our aliens could have.

Meal Worms!

February 2020

Reception have some new class pets! To help us to decide what the life-cycle of our aliens is going to be we are watching closely how these meal worms change. The children were really excited to try to predict what they might become - we had lots of guesses of moths and butterflies and even a scorpion!

The Arrival Of Our Caterpillars!

March 2020

Today we had a special delivery in the post - some tiny caterpillars! The children were so excited when they got here - they already had some names picked out (including Captain America!). Watching these creatures change is going to help the children to decide about their alien's life-cycle as well as teach them about being responsible for living creatures. We spent a whole afternoon studying the care leaflet and making sure the caterpillar's new home was right for them.