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Which is more significant-the survival of humans or that of the natural world? Term 1 and Term 2

Enquiry Mat

The Explorer

We will be using the book 'The Explorer' to help us learn about this term's enquiry question. In English we will be writing survival guides for the character's in the book. As we delve further into the story, we will also be finding out more about South America and taking a more focused look at the Amazon Rainforest.

What is a biome?

Survival Guides in English

Properties of materials and grouping these

Do you know the place value of digits up to 1,000,000?

Class Business

Based on our learning from the past two terms, the children developed a product from the natural world. We are now known as the 'Bee Encourager Store' and our product that we have developed is a natural photo frame. We will make these using sticks from the woodland and we will make the frame by using our knot tying skills from Forest School.

Can a solution be reversed?

The children have spent time exploing mixtures and solutions. They tried various ways to separate them. Have a look at the photos to see the amazing problem solving from the Honey Bees.

Enquiry Mat- Deforestation

Today we looked at one of the discussion points on the enquiry mat- deforestation. We looked at this from many different point of views and then used concious corridor to share our thoughts and ideas.


This term we have been focusing on the work of Mark Hearld, a famous printmaker. We researched him to find out how where he gets his inspiration from. We analysed his work to find out the composition of his work. The children then explored making marks, designing, and using print blocks in the style of Mark Hearld. They then evaluated and improved their work before designing a final print based on one of Mark's prints- The Little Owl.

Forest School

Year 5 currently take part in weekly Forest School lessons every Friday afternoon.

Their resilience and self-confidence have grown an unmeasurable amount within the last seven weeks. It is child led and the adults are there to facilitate learning. The children's interests have mostly been based around 'survival' and den building. Each week they have chosen to go back to their dens to create water sources and to make them more sophisticated using natural materials. I can't wait to see where this takes them next!