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Term 2 - How do you aspire to reach for the stars?

When is it Autumn?

Today we have been learning about the signs of autumn. We started by going on an autumn walk around the school grounds to see what we could find.             





Over the year we are going to be conduction 3 experiments. We are going to be measuring the amount of daylight hours in each month and measuring the temperature to see how these change throughout the year. We have also picked a tree in our school groups that we are going to observe throughout the year to see what changes it goes through.


This is our tree in autumn. The leaves are changing colour and the leaves are beginning to fall off. 

What is the Moon made from?

Today we have been using our knowledge about materials and their properties from last term, to explore and describe 4 different materials to then make a prediction on which we think the Moon is made from. When then learnt that the Moon is made from two types of rock, granite (light in colour) and basalt (dark in colour). Did you know that lava is a semi - liquid basalt and some people believe that the Moon, many years ago had lava on it. 

Who is Neil Armstrong?

This term in our Topic lessons we have been learning about the first Moon landing. We have looked at different sources to prove man went to the moon and have learnt about the first man to walk on the Moon. We have produced some fantastic fact files about the first man to walk on the Moon. 

Exploring light and dark shades with watercolours.

Today we have been exploring water colours like our artists this term - Van Gogh. We have practised adding more and less water to produce light and dark shades. 

Finding the difference

This week in Maths we have been continuing with subtraction. Today we looked at how to find the difference as a way of solving subtraction problems.

Road safety

Today was road safety day. We discussed how to stay safe when crossing the road and travelling around our village. We then looked at safe places to cross a road and appropriate clothing for when it is dark. We used the information we had learnt to create a leaflet to take home to our parents about how to cross a rad safely. 

Van Gogh

This term our artist is Van Gogh. Today we explored the artist and learnt about some of the art he created. We compared two of his famous paintings and created fact pages in our sketchbooks.

Trying something new

Today Owl class tried something new - We looked at the artist Jane Perkins. Perkins creates self- portraits from natural objects. Whilst exploring autumn leaves we created our own portraits from natural objects.