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T3 - How can we create a sustainable future?

This term's enquiry mat

In English, we are learning to write an explanation text. We have been reading 'Kids Fight Plastic' as our inspiration. We have really enjoyed creating a text map to 'The Shirt Machine' to help us internalise the model text! 


In Computing, we are programming our own Times Tables games. To help us, we played and analysed SpellingShed and Hit the Button. We used this to help design our own storyboards for our games. 



In Maths, we have been learning to multiply and divide efficiently. We have been trying to find the most efficient methods to help us waste less time and effort to find the answer to a calculation.


In Music, we have loving our Recycling unit of learning. We have made our own 'junk instruments' from newspaper. We used the newspaper to create different sound effects. Then, we put it all together to create a soundtrack to a film.



In Geography, we have begun to learn about pollution. We have researched which countries produce the most waste. We found these countries on a map and created a key.



In French, we have been learning to introduce our family members. We have investigated why different nouns start with 'ma', 'mon' or 'mes'!


In Science, we are exploring animal classification. We went outside to hunt for invertebrates, then use a classification key to identify its species. Next lesson, we used our problem solving skills to create our own classification keys. 



In PE, we are lucky to have our swimming lessons this term. The badgers have shown real resilience in approaching their new skill and their confidence is growing each week. 


In RE, we are studying Islam. We retrieved our learning from Year 3 and clarified the 5 pillars of Islam. We are learning to explain how Muslims express their faith collectively. We have started to learn about the Hajj and why Muslims take the pilgrimage.