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What is the impact of humans living on Earth?

What is the impact of humans living on Earth?

The children researched different environmental issues to gain a better understanding of what is happening in our world. They created a lift the flap display to show their findings. A great start to an important topic.

Counting to 20 in French.

The children tapped on things out side and their partners had to count the taps and answer in French! This was a great way to do our learning outside!

What do you know about fables?

This term the children have been learning about fables and the children re-acted some of them. They were keen to discuss the moral of each one and what lesson we could from the fable. The children used some great tones within their voices depending on which character they were.

Dividing by four

The children used cubes to explore dividing numbers by 4. They were able to make connections to multiplying by 4. Another great maths lesson!

What bones to you have in your body?

The children in Fox Class have been busy learning about the bones they have in their bodies. First they drew pictures of what they thought their bones looked like and as a Class we discuss any previous knowledge of the names of each bone. We then took our learning outside, where we drew body maps, drew the bones and labelled they using the correct names.

How do you solve a two step word problem?

 We took our learning outdoors to use the playground to draw feet to represent the two steps we would need to use to solve the word problems!

This ensured the children looked closely at the vocabulary with the word problem.

Our trip around the world

We had a whistle stop tour around the world as we investigated the environmental issues further. From this, the children wrote thoughtful diary entries using emotive language as they described what the saw on the trip. 

Understanding how to divide a two digit number by a one digit number

Today we explored using dienes to solve division calculations. It enabled the children to visually understand sharing the larger numbers into equal groups.

Is it necessary to lose so much green space?

today the children compared similarities and differences between aerial photographs of the local area of Boston and the capital city of the UK,London. This lead to a debate about why we need green spaces and what they are used for. Fox Class were extremely thoughtful with their comments and were able to provide reasons for their ideas!

Bouncing Basketballs

Today the children applied their learning from previous lessons where we played invisible football (a game that encouraged communication and the children to find a space to move to without the distraction of a ball). They were able to communicate well with one another as they tried to keep possession of the ball. 

What happens when you divide a two digit number by a one digit number?

What busy Foxes we have been today! We have developed our knowledge of dividing a two digit number and how to exchange correctly in order to be able to share equally!

Our learning so far....

Safer Internet Day 2020

Fox Class led an important assembly about staying safe on the internet. This year we explored using avatars to protect our real identity. We used scenarios to show how to use avatars responsibly. We brought the assembly to a close by singing a song about internet safety and it contained very important messages. Whilst we a lot of fun preparing for this assembly, it was also a great way to learn about how to stay safe online.