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It's Alive!

Here is our newly-updated hall display, sharing all of our learning from this term. Thank you to Mrs Duncan for creating this.


Our models of Victor Frankenstein’s creature are now complete, concluding our cross-curricular topic of ‘It’s Alive!’ We applied our new understanding of circuits and used a range of components to do this - here is a small sample of our amazing work!


Year 6 have started to make their monster models today, based on Victor Frankenstein’s monstrous creation! After planning, researching and evaluating our designs, we are now creating them. Circuits will be added soon to bring them to life! 



We have been making blood in Science today! This allowed us to develop our understanding of circulation and the components of blood. We learnt about red blood cells, white blood cells and plasma - we had brilliant conversations in our groups when making this, applying our scientific understanding. 


Excellent programming skills were demonstrated in Year 6 today. The children have been applying their understanding of algorithms and debugging to begin making their own Kodu characters move and interact. We even had a comment from Microsoft UK, who created the Kodu Game Lab. Well done Deer Class!



Electrifying work in Year 6 this term so far! We have been recapping our Year 4 learning of electrical circuits, this time developing our understanding of how to draw recognised symbols for components. In addition to this, we have developed our understanding of how changing the components can change the circuit, including terms such as 'voltage' and 'current'. This knowledge will soon be applied when creating our own Frankenstein-inspired models in D.T!


The Deer Class have produced some brilliant writing lately, writing in the role of Victor Frankenstein. They have just discovered the untimely demise of Victor's younger brother, at the hands of the monster which he created in his laboratory at Ingolstadt University. 



We have been securing our understanding of place value so far this term, ensuring that we can work with numbers up to and exceeding 10,000,000. The children have made brilliant progress with this - they can identify the value of a range of whole and decimal digits, using this to compare and order numbers. We have been developing our verbal and written reasoning too, to show our understanding.

We have been creating animations, using Lego figures, to retell the story of 'Frankenstein'. We are completely hooked by Mary Shelley's tale and we cannot wait to see how Victor Frankenstein created the monster, as well as the tragic events from the story. We will then use these animations to inspire some blogging imagining we are Captain Walton.



Here is one of the brilliant pieces of art which the children have produced... their very own version of Frankenstein's monster!

Here is our amazing 'It's Alive' display, focusing on Frankenstein's monster! Thank you to the talented Mrs Duncan for producing the art. Keep an eye out for our work...