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News from Bee Club

Our bees really create a buzz around our school!


The idea of keeping bees on the school site was first discussed in September 2014 when the Business and Enterprise council were considering new ideas for their business curriculum. It was a perfect choice because not only did it mean that the children were able to help towards sustaining the life cycle of bees, but they could also see Enterprise opportunities by selling honey and honey related products.


Mrs Paul started to research about bees and whether or not it would be appropriate to have them on the school grounds, initially herself and Mr Hawkins visited Charlton Manor Primary school in London to observe how they had set up their bees and honey business; this sparked excitement and inspiration of how Wyberton could transform their school grounds to accommodate the bees.


We were lucky enough to be supported by local bee keeper Eddy Gadd from Honey Tree Farm in Surfleet; he advised us of what else we needed to ensure safety for the children and best positioning for the hives. He also, kindly donated our first bee hives so that we could get started.


Mrs Hodgson, Mrs Paul and Mrs Taylor along with two teachers from St Thomas' school have attended a seven week bee keeper’s course in order to learn how to handle the bees safely and inspect the frames. This training is then passed on to the children.


Please visit our You Tube page for the video of when the bees arrived.


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Getting Ready for our next Beekeeping Season


After selling lots of scrumptious honey at the Christmas fair, Bee Club were able to re-invest this into buying new resources to make new frames to be used in the hives in the Spring. The children loved applying their design and technology skills to support our buzzing friends.



Preparing Our Honey to Sell



Bee club have been busy labelling up our delicious honey ready to sell at the Christmas fair. Our stall was very popular and we will be re-investing our profits into looking after the bees next year.


Spring Term 2017


In Bee Club this week, we have investigated the different bees in the hive and facts about them. We carefully examined the diagram of the hives and cells and then we read and discussed lots of information about bees.


Finally we played 'headbands' using the information we found out about the bees. We are very knowledgable bee keepers.

'The bee that lives the longest in the hive is the queen bee- she can live for years'.


'Did you know that the worker bees, who are girls, kick out the drones in winter'.