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Term 5 Art & Craft Club

This week in our Art and Craft club we used Oreo cookies to create some sculptures. First, we had to separate the top and bottom of the Oreo - this was quite tricky and even had some parts flying across the table! We then used a cocktail stick to create our sculpture design (that we had already planned on our plain paper) in the cream of the cookie. Best of all we then got to eat our creations!

Art Club

During Art Club this term, the children created abstract painting designs by using paint and marbles - they produced some fantastic work and thoroughly enjoyed doing so!

Debating Club

This term the children have been practising responding to answers they have heard with relevant comments. They have been trying to link ideas to make a smoother debate.

Choir Club

Our wonderful Wyberton choir performed carols at St Botolph's Church this week to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season! They sang beautifully and received some lovely praise from the organisers. Thank you to Boston Borough Council and the team at St Botolph's for inviting us.


Environmental Club

This term we have learnt about the fruit grown in our school grounds, sketched and painted the apples and pears and then used that fruit to make delicious fruit salads. We have also looked at the method that bees use to make honey in order to understand Wyberton's own bees and we have made natural, environmentally friendly bird feeders as the weather turns colder.

News from Bee Club

Our bees really create a buzz around our school!


The idea of keeping bees on the school site was first discussed in September 2014 when the Business and Enterprise council were considering new ideas for their business curriculum. It was a perfect choice because not only did it mean that the children were able to help towards sustaining the life cycle of bees, but they could also see Enterprise opportunities by selling honey and honey related products.


Mrs Paul started to research about bees and whether or not it would be appropriate to have them on the school grounds, initially herself and Mr Hawkins visited Charlton Manor Primary school in London to observe how they had set up their bees and honey business; this sparked excitement and inspiration of how Wyberton could transform their school grounds to accommodate the bees.


We were lucky enough to be supported by local bee keeper Eddy Gadd from Honey Tree Farm in Surfleet; he advised us of what else we needed to ensure safety for the children and best positioning for the hives. He also, kindly donated our first bee hives so that we could get started.


Mrs Hodgson, Mrs Paul and Mrs Taylor along with two teachers from St Thomas' school have attended a seven week bee keeper’s course in order to learn how to handle the bees safely and inspect the frames. This training is then passed on to the children.