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Week beginning 22nd February

Hello Year 6 and welcome to Term 4! I hope you had a great week off and made sure that you rested. You produced so much fantastic work last term and I am really proud of you all.


This term our new topic is The Natural World: How important is it to adapt? Our learning will focus on Charles Darwin, his famous voyage around the world and his scientific discoveries of evolution. Our enquiry mat is below. Please make sure you complete as many of the lessons as possible as you will need your learning from these sessions when we return to school. Blue lessons in the timetable are hyperlinked, which means if you click on them it will take you to a video.


Please remember to keep on emailing me your work, sending me photographs and asking any questions. We have our story time every Wednesday at 11:30am (where a link can be found on the timetable below where it says 'TEAMS story time' or here) and you can book appointments on the Bookings system. If you need any resources at all - including new exercise book - then please ask your parents to contact school and I will get you what you need. 




Morning lessons

11.30am -12pm

Afternoon lessons



Monday 22nd  

Maths 1

0:00 - 9:46


English 1

Reading for pleasure

SPaG 1


From 2-3pm each day,
Mr Hawkins is available for phone calls, emails and Microsoft Bookings/Teams catch ups.


Tuesday 23rd  

Maths 2

9:46 - 19:44


English 2

Reading 1

SPaG 2



Wednesday 24th

Maths 3

19:44 - 29:56


English 3

TEAMS story time

SPaG 3



Thursday 25th

Maths 4

29:56 - 42:23


English 4

Reading 2

SPaG 4



Friday 26th


Spelling test

Big Write 

Reading for pleasure

SPaG 5



Mr Hawkins will be available from 11:30am-12pm every day, as well as 2-3pm, for phone calls, emails and Microsoft Bookings/Teams catch ups.



You can find this week’s Maths resources below, where we are now focusing on percentages and their equivalences to fractions and decimals. There is a video in the Video Resource Centre of Mr Hawkins talking through each lesson and activity – please make sure you watch this.

Arithmetic – please find the test below and the answers for you to mark it afterwards.


In English, we are exploring different types of recounts. This week we are exploring journal entries, using the story of ‘Darwin’s Dragons’ by Lindsay Galvin (which we started in our Teams story time last term). This week, there are individual videos in the Video Resource Centre for each lesson.  

English 1 planning idea

Big Write

For your Big Write this week, you will be planning a flashback narrative. You have been stranded on a desert island and you are recalling what led to you being left there. Today’s lesson should be planning only, as we will write our flashback in next week’s Big Write. Look in the Video Resource Centre for a video of Mr Hawkins discussing this lesson.


Reading for pleasure: read a book, e-book, magazine or comic of your choice.

Reading 1: read the ‘Charles Darwin’ text and write a summary of what you have read. Make sure you summarise the events from across the different paragraphs. Ask a family member to ‘skim and scan’ with you, like we do in class when I give you a word from the text to find as quickly as you can. If you would like the text printed for you (if you find this easier to read), then please let Mr Hawkins know 😊

Reading 2: re-read the ‘Charles Darwin’ text and answer the comprehension questions. Mark your work afterwards using the answers on the final page.


Your SPaG this week is exploring brackets and dashes for extra information, as well as hyphens. Using the KS2 English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling book, please complete the pages below. Make sure you read the information at the top of each page before completing the activities.

SPaG 1 – p48                SPaG 2 – p49               SPaG 3 – p50              SPaG 4 – p51
SPaG 5 – mark your work using the answers on p107.


This week’s spellings are words ending in -ably. Please complete one activity each day in the resource below – remember to also practise these spellings on Spelling Shed.


This week’s Topic lesson is focusing on the life of Charles Darwin. In the resources below – and the video in the Video Resource Centre – you are to read the information, watch the BBC video and then make notes on our class Padlet. Instructions are included in the resource below. I have also included our enquiry mat for this term for you to look through. 


Our P.S.H.E this term is focusing on the internet and how to evaluate digital content (such as learning how some things online may not be as true as they seem as they have been edited or manipulated). This week’s lesson is recapping the benefits of safe internet use – something which is very important when we access the internet.


Here is the P.E for this week, provided by Elite Sports. Have a go at the activities on a couple of days to ensure you are keeping yourself active.


You could also take part in Joe Wicks’ exercise on YouTube by clicking here: Joe Wicks P.E.


Art this term is exploring pencil sketching of Darwin’s finches and using different techniques to create textures. This week you are examining the different features of finches and making observations. Mrs Duncan has made an example below of how you could set out your work (either on paper or in your yellow book).


Our Science learning this term is exploring Evolution and Inheritance. The first lesson is exploring Darwin’s theory of evolution and exploring how living things have changed over millions of years, through evolving. Watch Mr Hawkins discuss this lesson in the Video Resource Centre.