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Term 2 - World War One

Year 6 have responded to our enquiry question for this term. Have a look on the Video Resource Centre for their thoughts on how we can achieve peace on Earth - https://wyberton-primary-academy.primarysite.media/playlist/year-6. The children have responded maturely and shared their well-considered, balanced points of what we can do to achieve peace on Earth. they reflected brilliantly on what they have learned about World War One, applying this to their discussions. 



I have been blown away by the Year 6’s stunning descriptions, using our class text of War Horse. The children have used zones of relevance to select the most effective vocabulary, alongside using some of Morpurgo’s own writing styles and language choices. The Deer class have made brilliant progress this year, and this writing certainly demonstrates this! 



There was lots of great learning this afternoon in Year 6, exploring how light travels in straight lines and can reflect. We used this understanding to complete the 'See Round the Bend'

@ExplorifySchool activity, making contraptions to solve the problem! The children's problem skills were fantastic and it was brilliant observing their work and hearing many scientific conversations about the reflection of light. We even had one human periscope! We used this to discuss how periscopes worked and how they were utilised in World War One's trenches. 


After examining the different sources in our last History lesson, we then synthesised our ideas into a written account. The Year 6 children did an excellent job applying their new learning all about WW1 trenches. Here is one example, but have a look on our display for more of our wonderful work.


Quick retrieval quiz on @GetKahoot to start our History lesson today, before exploring a range of sources to learn about life in World War One trenches. The children then presented some of their findings on @simplemindapp - well done Year 6!


Year 6 held a beautiful Remembrance Assembly today - I am very proud of their hard work in delivering such a poignant assembly. Mr Booth and Ms Paul came to watch our assembly and they, along with the other members of staff, were very complimentary of the children's hard work. Here is our wonderful work displayed in the hall, sharing our learning so far:



In our Topic lessons this term (including History and Geography), we have examined different sources and evaluated how reliable they are. We then synthesised all of our ideas together in an investigation of the outbreak of World War One. 



After a quick retrieval activity, we then explored the geography of the main countries involved in WW1, learning about the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente. 


Year 6 have had a great week back in school. They have produced some fantastic work in their sketchbooks, comparing and analysing different artists and their work (such as Andy Warhol). This then developed into the children exploring different artistic techniques. 



The Deer class have had a great week beginning to explore World War 1 ahead of their enquiry linked to this next term. Some great art work seen today!



We launched our World War One week today (in preparation for next term) by exploring these historical artefacts. Thank you to Boston Stump for loaning these to our school - the children were absolutely fascinated by the objects inside, using them to infer what life was like during this time. Great enquiry skills Year 6!