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W/C 28.06.2021

Hello Fox Class children at home,


We are all missing you lots and can't wait to see you back in school very soon.

 I have uploaded Maths, English, Guided Reading, Topic and DT work from this week as well as some PE lessons to keep active.


Remember you are AMAZING! 

See you soon, 

Mrs Davies


This week in English, we are writing the setting description of the scene.

Lesson 1: We are writing Scene 4 of a playscript. Create a setting description of what the characters are doing and where they are.

This is an example, you can magpie some ideas from here.

 A young, beautiful girl named Rhodopis is washing some clothes by the River Nile. She takes off her ruby, red slippers so that they don't get wet. With a clap of thunder, the sky darkens and a shadow in the sky appears. It is Horus the god! He snatches one of Rhodopis' slippers and flies away into the depths of the sky. He drops the slipper near the Pharoah, who instantly boards the Royal Barge in search of Rhodopis.


Lesson 2 and 3: Now spend some time creating dialogue between the characters. Remember that you need to put the character's name first and then a colon (:), followed what the characters are saying. It needs to be written in the present tense and does not need inverted commas. See the example below to get you started:


Rhodopis: I'm exhausted working under the hot, sweaty sun.

Hoppoe: Rhodopis why don't you take a break?

Rhodopis: What a great idea! I could go for a refreshingly cool swim in the Rive Nile.

Hoppoe: Wait! You need to take off your brand new slippers!


Continue your playscript. Do this over two days.The characters you need to include are:

  • Rhodopis
  • Hoppoe
  • Horus
  • Three mean servants
  • Pharaoh


You need to write from the part where Rhodopis is washing her clothes and up to the part where the Pharaoh finds her.



Guided Reading


We are continuing our learning about mummification and why it was so important to the Ancient Egyptians. Have a look at the information sheet which focuses on 'The Book of the Dead' and create a comic strip of what happens on the journey to the Afterlife.


In this lesson, we are now going to plan our lightbox structure to make a shadow theatre. Follow the instructions on the sheet.