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Term 2 - What can be learnt from the conflicts of World War One?

The children are making great use of our enquiry board to support with retrieving learning already! In Week 2, we have been historians and researched significant events from WW1. We visited our school corridor timeline too to make connections!

In this week's Art session, we have been exploring using charcoal to create trees and shrubbery in the style of the artist. Look how amazing our work is!

During our Art sessions, we have been learning about the artist Jacqueline Hurley and analysing her piece titled 'Peace at Christmas.'

Here are some examples of our great sketchbooks:


Year 6 had a fantastic morning with the launch of our World War One enquiry, which is 'What can be learnt from the conflicts of World War One?'


We explored our artefact box to learn about the life of people during this time, posing some excellent historical questions too. Thank you to Boston Stump for loaning the resources - the children loved examining them and making inferences about what life was like for the young boy, William. Well done for being fantastic historians, Year 6!