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Term 4- What impact do natural disasters have on our world?

Welcome to Term 4 of Year 6.We are very excited to share the children's learning with you throughout this term. Please keep an eye out on Parenthub for the date of this terms' parent event- a presentation about the residential that the children attended last term. Below you will find this term's newsletter with an overview of all of the learning the children will be doing. Children will need to wear their PE kits to school on a Wednesday and Thursday and our Forest School day is Friday.



Below you will find, the enquiry mat for this term's enquiry about 'What is the impact of natural disasters?'. On here you will find lots of useful information that you can also use as discussion points with your children. This term's enquiry will look the different types of natural disasters, how they impact our world and how scientists learn more about these to help predict when they might occur. The children will become geographers as they devise their own questions and enquiries into this subject. 

The CO Crew Workshop

Deer Class had an informative afternoon, learning about all about carbon monoxide, where you would be likely to find this gas and the differences between it, oxygen and carbon dioxide. 

The children also learnt about the affects of carbon monoxide poisoning and how to recognise when this is happening by creating a class rap to remember the symptoms.

Cranwell Aviation Heritage Workshop

We had an exciting visit this afternoon, that really tested our retrieval skills from our learning from Term 1 about WW1 and WW2. Deer Class worked to decipher messages, create their own encoded messages and gain an understanding of what it would be like when trying to do these skills whilst injured.

World Book Day

Oh the fun we have had in our pyjamas! We have had a wonderful day full of reading: finding weird and wonderful  places to read, reading with our parents and sharing stories with children from Reception. 



In this unit, the children will explore issues related to social media. The first lesson involved the children 'blogging' about how to stay safe online, using Padlet , the children published their blogs. This has been shared with all of the classes as an authentic outcome for this lesson and a QR code has been added to our 'internet safety' display in school.

Design and Technology.1

This term the children are going to design and make their own pencil case. After researching the history of pencil cases, the children then planned a template/prototype that would be the correct size to fit their stationery in. They used squared paper to make an exact sized replica of their pencil case, thinking carefully to leave enough space to create a 'lip' to sew. The they drew a 'not to scale' drawing with all of their final measurements on, to use when they cut the material needed.  



The children began this unit by looking at the features of a balanced argument. Then, they conducted their own research to enquire if natural disaster are natural or man-made.


Our enquiry throughout this term

The children began this enquiry by researching the different types of natural disasters and how they occur.