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Summer Term 1

This term's enquiry is called: What can we do to care for ourselves and other people?

Sorting Healthy and Unhealthy Foods

The children have been very enthusiastic about our new topic and have used the Eatwell Guide this week to sort some images of food into those which are a healthy choice - so will help our bodies to grow and stay healthy, and those which we should only enjoy as a treat sometimes - because they contain lots of fat and sugar which does not help our bodies to grow and stay healthy. Great job Hedgehogs!

My Recycled Face

This week the children have been using our junk modelling box to create dry collages of their own faces. There was a lot of giggling during this session - the children really enjoyed exploring the textures and shapes of the resources in order to create their own portraits.

Making A Healthy Pizza

This children have been applying their healthy eating learning this week by making a healthy pizza. They used a wholemeal pitta base, added passata, cheese and then fruit and veg toppings. We learned where the different foods had come from and why they are good for our bodies.

Recycled Instruments

Many thanks to all of the parents who helped their child to make a recycled instrument. Every instrument was different and the children loved sharing how they had made them and how they can be played. We used them to accompany lots of songs - and even went outside to be a marching band.

Animals UK

We have been very lucky to have a visit from Laura and her amazing animals. The children got to learn about and handle lots of animals and they asked really great questions as well - such as what predators the animals have and if they are nocturnal!

Our Bones!

This week we have been learning about people who can help us to stay healthy. Part of this involved us learning about hospitals and doctors. The children watched a video about having an x-ray and we read the story of Funny Bones. After this they all had a go at drawing what they think their own skeleton looks likes.

That's Not Fair!

In circle times we have been learning how to deal with the anger that can flair up when the children feel that something isn't fair. We have explored lots of stories and images of fair and unfair situations and this week we made some posters to help us to remember the steps to resolving these situations: taking a deep breath, talking about how you feel and if this doesn't help find an adult. Here are some pictures that the children posed for our posters.

Florence Nightingale

This week we have looked at the work of Florence Nightingale. The children looked at images of her and were all really sure that these pictures showed somebody who lived a long time ago - not today. They described how her clothing was different and how black and white photographs are usually something very old. We watched a video about her work to improve the conditions in hospitals over 100 years ago and compared these hospitals to modern day ones. Lots of the children have mums and dads who work in hospitals and they were keen to share how their job and workplace is different to Florence's.

Careers and Money Week

The children really enjoyed the final week of term where we learned lots about different career choices that they might like to make when they are older. We had a talk from a representative from WaterAid and the children walked for 1mile to appreciate what life is like for some of the children we heard about - who have to walk long distances to fetch dirty water to drink. They then drew pictures to show what impact they would have on people's lives if they worked for WaterAid. 

We also had a visit from ASDA - we learned about all of the different job opportunities there are with this company, from clothing designers to chefs! We also got to have a little look inside an ASDA delivery van.

We spent our maths lessons learning about some of our coins - including 1p and 2p and how we use these to pay for items.

The children finished the week by drawing a picture of what they would like to be when they grow up - these range from vets, to doctors, farmers and even dentists!

How aspirational you are Hedgehogs!