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Term 3 - How did WW2 change the world?

In our Science learning this week, we have been investigating the impact of exercise on our pulse. The Deer Class chose several exercises to carry out within a fair test and used their results to prove that exercise increases our heart rate because our lungs pump more oxygen to our heart which is then pumped by our heart around our bodies to help us continue moving. Some great scientific explanations were given within this lesson. Well done Deer Class!

Check back here next week to see our lesson from Miss Anstey (STEM Lead) as she teaches us how to dissect a heart!


In our Computing lesson this week, we retrieved our knowledge from last lesson by inputting the formula for adding, and progressed to calculating with more than one operation to find the total points gained within a Hockey league. We then used these results to create a graph! The Deer Class were very impressed with this.

In our P.E. lessons we have been learning about World War Two dances, focusing initially on the Lambeth Walk and then the Lindy Hop. We explored how these dances were increasingly popular around the time, before watching tutorials and examining the movements needed Some of the Year 6 children then modelled the routines to the rest of the class - well done! 



Our Computing lessons have seen us learning how to use Microsoft Excel. We have learned and retrieved lots of vocabulary, such as database, cell, formula, formatting and spreadsheets. We retrieved our prior learning of how to format cells, before learning how to input formula. Today's lesson introduced the formula =SUM(A1+B2+C2) and testing how this works. 




In English, we have been studying Emma Carroll's 'Letters from the Lighthouse' - we have loved retrieving our learning of World War Two in this historical narrative. We have focused on exploring characters and settings, building atmosphere and also incorporating effective dialogue to move the action on in a story. Here is a snippet of our work so far!