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Clothing with the school logo is available from Nationwide School Uniforms (a local company).


Nationwide School Uniforms Moschatel Ltd Vale Road Spilsby Lincolnshire PE23 5HE

Telephone: 01790 754522.


Website: www.nationwideschooluniforms.co.uk

Email: sales@nationwideschooluniforms.co.uk


The following combinations can be worn.



Grey skirt, tailored shorts, trousers or pinafore dress

White blouse or white and navy blue school uniform polo shirt or plain white polo shirt

Navy blue sweatshirt, cardigan or V-neck jumper

Navy blue and white summer dress, checked or striped

White socks or blue or grey tights

Dark shoes (not trainers) or sandals in the summer



Grey trousers or tailored shorts

White shirt or white and navy blue school uniform polo shirt or plain white polo shirt

Dark or white socks

Dark shoes (not trainers) or sandals in the summer

Navy blue sweatshirt or V-neck jumper



Navy blue T-shirt, dark shorts or PE skirt and plimsolls (trainers for outdoor P.E.) in a drawstring bag. Children are encouraged to bring a tracksuit for outdoor P.E. during the winter months. Ear rings must be removed for P.E. so please bear this in mind if you are considering having your child's ears pierced to ensure this does not impact on their lessons.



Jewellery is not allowed at all, with the exception of small ear studs. Children must not wear dangling earrings for safety reasons. No jewellery at all is permitted during any P.E. activity. If children wear earrings for school on P. E. days, they must be able to take them out themselves. Watches are permitted, but are the responsibility of the child and must also be removed during P.E.



Children must have suitable hairstyles. Coloured hair, overly spiked up hair, shaven heads and Mohican hairstyles are not permitted. If hair is long enough to be tied back, it must be, every day. Children wearing their hair loose will be instructed to tie it back in a ponytail with a regular elastic band. Hair accessories should be subtle and minimalistic and in keeping with school colours.


Identification of personal property

Please ensure that your child’s belongings are clearly labelled: this makes the task of returning lost property much easier.